Wandersong Story Walkthrough – Act Six (Part 1)

Stuck in Wandersong? This walkthrough will be music to your ears. Read on to find out what to do in the sixth act, up to the end of the caves.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Wandersong!

Wandersong, like most adventure games, is best played by exploring it freely yourself. But if you’re stuck or you have forgotten what you need to do, do consult this walkthrough!

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Act Six: The Beast at Ichor Mountain

Part 1

We start this act with Sandra dropping you off at Ichor Mountain. Once she’s off, head right and continue that way. You’ll encounter a cutscene with a sinister-looking entity. After the cutscene, continue to the right. The houses in the next screen are empty, so continue to the right, up the hill until you find a monk.

You can enter the monastery after talking to the monk (Kenneth), and talk to the people there. This is not necessary for story progression, however, so feel free to head past the monastery when you are ready.

Make your way right, continuing up the mountain, jumping as necessary. You will have to zigzag left and right as you climb the mountain. Keep going until you find an impassable chasm with coloured prayer flags hung between the ledges.

Jump right through and you’ll end up at the very bottom, where a bird has been bound by magic. Sing in the colour of each bind to undo it. You’ll have to undo each of the four binds to free the bird.

Once the bird is free, sing to attract the bird and have it carry you. Sing in the direction you want the bird to take you, and ride as high as you can. When the bird releases you, the Bard will jump in whatever direction you are moving in. Use this to jump to the left and climb up the hill back to the impassable chasm.

The bird will follow you up to the chasm, so hitch another ride past the chasm and to the ledge on the right. Head to the next screen.

Here, you’ll find another impassable chasm, and a bird to take you across. Use the bird to cross, and then do it again with the next bird. After this, you will encounter another trapped bird. Don’t jump here—instead, sing while the camera is focused on the bird and undo its binds.

When it’s free, the bird will fly towards your side. Jump now and have the bird catch you before you fall. Fly right and then use the next bird to go up, and then another bird to reach a trapped bird. Help out the trapped bird by singing and take the ride upwards. You’ll need the help of the second bird (under the ledge to the left) to take you to the ledge to the right. Continue onwards.

Move right until you find a flock of birds trapped in a bubble together. As usual, sing to undo the binds. You may not be able to tell their colours this time, due to the strong red visual effect, but you can tell which notes to sing based on the direction of the bind.

Sing until you’ve freed the birds. You will now need to hop from bird to bird heading upwards. This is a tricky section—remember that the birds won’t carry you forever, so you need to fly just far enough to have another bird pick you up. The exit to this screen is to the upper-right.

Continue right to the next screen and onwards until you find another cave monster. This one is less communicative and also less co-operative. Try heading away from him again, and you’ll encounter a cutscene of a bird flying towards the cave. Head back to the cave monster to have another cutscene.

Wandersong screenshot

Follow the cave monster into the cave and then head right until you find a red stone. Wait for the cave monster to reach it and he’ll lift it for you. Head past and jump on the next red stone. The cave monster will raise the block, letting you jump on the upper ledge. Head right and drop between the two red stones. Wait for the cave monster to follow you and when he raises the stone to the right, head past.

Here you will encounter a bunch of bugs on the floor, and the Bard will stubbornly refuse to step on them. The cave monster will go away, leaving it to you to deal with the red stones from here on.

Head right and jump on the red stone, and then up again. Head to left, then right, until you encounter another bunch of bugs. Jump over them, head right, and down the shaft. Head right from here to the next screen.

Jump up the blue ledges, head left through the green stone passage, and right again. There’s a very long stretch of bugs on the floor here, but there is also a blue ledge you can drop to (instead of the green one). Head right and drop to the green floor when the blue floor is full of bugs again. Then head back up to the blue floor when the stretch is over, jump across the next stretch of bugs, and drop down the shaft.

Jump on the pedestal here and then jump onto the gaps between the bugs, moving left. Drop down the shaft, head right, drop down another shaft, and head left. Jump over bugs as you go and continue down, then right. As before, jump up and down on ledges as necessary to avoid the bugs on the floor.

At the far right, jump up and then left to find another set of ledges with bugs. Continue left until you can jump up again. Do so and head right to the next screen.

Here, jump across the bugs and towards the red stone. There’s nothing you can do about the stone, so start heading back and something miraculous will happen.

Now that the bugs are your friends, they will respond to your singing by forming a large, movable mass. Sing to have them move right, pushing the red stone. Then sing bottom-right to have them slide under the red stone. Once you’re on the stone, sing up to have yourself lifted. Jump right and proceed.

There’s another mass of bugs for you to control. Have them slide under the floating platform, and to the right. There’s another red stone here—push it to the right with your bug friends and then jump onto it to proceed right (you don’t need to lift it).

Next, you will encounter a nearly identical situation, but this time you do need to lift the red stone to get the Bard to the upper ledge. Head right to the next screen.

Sing to the bugs in the cave and have them sneak out of the opening to the bottom-left. Then, jump on the red stone and have them lift up the stone for you to jump to the first ledge. Jump up to the next ledges and head right.

The red stone this time is especially tall, but you only need it out of the way. Have the bugs lift it for you and then run past them into the little passage to the right. Get the next set of bugs to move the second red stone to the right, and have them keep it lifted so you can proceed to the right.

Wandersong screenshot

Jump up the ledges and then you’ll find yourself needing to jump left, across the raised red stone. You can sing to the bugs even from high up on the ledge, so use that to make sure the red stone is in the middle of the chasm. Jump onto the stone, then to the right. Do the same with the next stone. Remember that you can also have the bugs move you while you’re on top of the red stone.

Head up, then right. Get the next bunch of bugs to lift the tall red stone. Use the floating platform on the left to jump onto the red stone and then to the right. There’s another cave full of bugs here, so free the bugs by singing bottom-left to them. Keep singing until they head left and merge with the other set of bugs. Together, they will be stronger than before. Have them lift the red stone and head left onto the floating platform. Then, lower the red stone enough for you to be able to jump onto it. Once you’re on the red stone to the right and up, and jump onto the ledge to the right. Head to the next screen.

Another set of bugs, and a very small red stone. The camera will pan to show you the exit, but the bugs you have cannot take you even halfway there. Instead, use the red stone to jump right and find a cave with crawling grey bugs. Sing to them to turn them into blue bugs, get them out of the cave, and have them merge with the original set of bugs.

Take the bugs left, jump onto the ledge there and there’s another cave to the left. Get the bugs out of the cave and add them to your ranks. As the bard rises even higher, you’ll reach another inaccessible ledge. Keep going up until you find a large mass of bugs and bring them all the way down to form the largest mass of bugs yet.

Sing down and have them carry the red stone to the right. Now when you sing up, the bugs will easily take you up to the high ledge that is your exit. Head right and just as you’re about to exit the caves, you’ll encounter a cute cutscene. After it’s over, head right out of the caves.

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