Wandersong Story Walkthrough – Act Three

Stuck in Wandersong? This walkthrough will be music to your ears. Read on to find out what to do in the third act of the game.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Wandersong!

Wandersong, like most adventure games, is best played by exploring it freely yourself. But if you’re stuck or you have forgotten what you need to do, do consult this walkthrough!

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Act Three: Voyage of the Lady Arabica

We start this act on a ship, so run around and get used to the crew of the Lady Arabica. You’ll find the pirate captain on the deck near the front of the ship, talk to him and he’ll ask you to fetch him some coffee.

Run down into the interior of the ship, where you’ll find the eyepatch-wearing cook. Talk to him to get your cup of coffee and then take it back up to the captain upstairs. Be careful not to sing while holding the coffee or you’ll toss it in the singing direction.

Once the captain has had his coffee, he’ll begin singing. Follow the cue to sing the pirate shanty along with the other pirates. After the song, the ship will proceed to its destination.

At night, talk to the captain twice, and when asked if you want some coffee, say yes Watch the… rather exciting events that unfold.

When you wake up, head back up to the ship’s deck to find that it has docked. Once at the island, feel free to explore the town of Tatango and talk to the locals as you wish.

To proceed with the story, you need to head up a hill that comes just before the entrance to Tatango. There’s another arrow signboard at the top of the hill, which points to the right, so head right and climb some more until you find the voodoo lady’s house.

Inside, talk to Calliope the voodoo lady and she’ll put you on a sidequest to find a jewel. Now go to the town of Tatango and head to the far right, where you’ll find the captain inside a bar. Talk to the captain, and after that conversation is over, the captain will agree to take you to the place you need to go.

Head out of the bar and go right back to where your ship is docked. Here, you can talk to Miriam to board the ship and set sail.

Sailing the ship is as simple as singing in the direction you want to sail. Remember to consult your map regularly!

Wandersong screenshot

Sail to the Mermaid Ruins and disembark when the captain asks you. On the island, head to the far right until you are stopped by a closed door. There’s a cross-shaped handle near the door – stand near it and sing in a clockwise motion to rotate the handle and open the door.

Head inside and you’ll find a series of puzzles (along with some very Zelda-esque music). Your first puzzle involves a set of three platforms that can be raised by rotating the handles beneath them. Raise the first two so that you can jump higher and higher. For the third platform, raise it as high as it will go. As the third platform starts descending, quickly jump on the first platform, then the second, and once the third one is within reach, use it to get to the higher ledge. Proceed right.

This next section has three puzzles that need to be solved to raise their respective pillar.

For the leftmost pillar, enter the door and rotate the handle so that the right-side platforms are lower than the left-side ones. Jump zig-zagging from the right to left, onto the left ledge. Here you’ll find another handle that you can turn to open the way to the door on the right-side ledge. Drop down to the handle below and shift the platforms so that the left-side platforms are lower than the right-side ones, and jump like before to reach the right-side ledge. Head through the door. Here you’ll find an elevator that you can raise by singing clockwise – do just that until the elevator reaches the top, and you’ll have raised the first platform.

For the middle pillar, head right and jump up the ledges until you find a large block with a handle to the right. Sing clockwise to have the block move along its path, and move along with it. As you bring the block to the left, you’ll be able to stand on it and have it take you to a higher ledge. Enter the door here to find an elevator just like for the previous puzzle. Take it all the way up to solve this pillar puzzle.

For the rightmost pillar, head into the door and then jump onto the platform with the handle. Sing clockwise to the end of its path, and then jump onto the next platform. Sing clockwise again to take it all the way to the end of its path. Here, there’s another handle that controls the gate to the right. Keep singing until the gate is fully open, and then jump onto the third moving platform. Sing clockwise to take it all the way to the end and enter the door. Here, you’ll find another elevator, which works the same way as the previous two.

Once you’ve raised all three pillars, jump up the stairs to the left of the puzzle room, up to where the statue of the mermaid with the trident is. Head right, jumping cross the raised pillars and get to a large platform with a rotating handle. Sing clockwise to raise it, but be mindful of the obstacles on the way up. You’ll have to move the Bard around as you sing to get him clear.

After that platform takes you as high as it can go, sing clockwise again to open the horizontal gate, and jump up just before it closes, so that you are standing on the gate itself. From here, jump up the stairs, go through the door, jump up some more steps, and you’ll find a part of the jewel you were looking for.

Head to the left and jump off the ledge to start a fun sliding section. When you make it to the bottom, head left past the masked dude to exit the ruins and return to the captain. Talk to him and return to the ship when prompted.

Once back at the ship, return to Calliope and she’ll tell you that she needs the whole Tear. To find the rest of it, return to your ship and use the map to navigate to Turtle Shores (to the South). After disembarking here, head all the way right, until you reach an inscribed rock that needs three musical notes to activate.

To solve this puzzle, you need to input three notes according to three specific colours. You’ll find the colours you need by keeping an eye out for arrows on the same screen as the rock. The first arrow is to the far left, just near the end of the screen. The second arrow is hidden in the ground and can only be seen once the Bard passes it running right. The third arrow is above the rock itself. The colours are purple, blue, and gold, in that order. Enter them to open up the cave behind the rock.

Descend the cave to find another musical rock, this one marking three objects. There’s a conspicuously shaped rock, a bird, and a flower. If you’ve been observant, you may have noticed these three objects on the island already. Head back to where they are to find the colour associated with those objects, and then sing those colours in order to the musical rock.

The colours are: blue rock, yellow bird, and red flower. Once you input the colours, the rock will raise, revealing the other part of the Tear. Take it back to the pirate captain and return to Tatango Island. Head up to Calliope to show her the Mermaid’s Tear.

When Calliope asks you to sing, bring up your singing wheel and sing each of the notes until you find one that’s excited the most. Hold that note until the blast, then repeat the process for the next two notes. Calliope will mark the location of the mermaids on your map and take the jewel from you.

Return to the docks and talk to Miriam to set sail again. When your singing doesn’t work, you’ll find that the ship interior is empty. Head out to find that the crew has been tied up by a rather toxic man.

After the conversation is completed, head downstairs to the kitchen, where you’ll find a choice of three objects to take with you. Take the cup of coffee and return to the toxic man. When he asks if you are offering it to him, say no, and the Bard will drink it himself.

Once the toxic man is gone, return to the captain and set sail from Tatango Island. The Mermaid Hideaway is now marked on your map, so head straight there and disembark.

At the Hideaway, head right until you find the mermaids. After the conversation, head to the waterfall, between the three mermaids and start singing. The mermaids will teach you the Overseer’s song, and the red-haired mermaid will then give you a task. Head back to the ship and talk to Miriam to get aboard the ship, then sail to the Lost Waterfall.

After disembarking at the Lost Waterfall, head up the hill and then left into opening. Head right past Francisco and Penny, up the ledge, past Nina, and to the Captain. You can talk to him and convey the message from the mermaids if you like. Continue heading right until you get to the waterfall and start singing the Overseer’s song.

Once you enter the spirit world, head right across the floating islands and onto the next screen. Here, you’ll find a blob that will expand in a direction of your choice (depending on which way you sing). Have the blob expand left, get to the middle of it, then have it expand right to get to the next platform.

In the next screen, head right past the first blob and make the second blob expand upwards to find a fish (who is also a key). Return to the first blob and have it expand upwards to get onto the platform with the locked gate. The fish will unlock the gate, allowing you to proceed.

Wandersong screenshot

In this screen, you’ll find that the blobs don’t always expand in the same direction as your singing, so you will have to experiment with the notes to find out how they expand. To get the fish, head all the way down, and you’ll find the fish in a nook to the right. Then, climb the blobs up to the ledge with the locked gate.

The next screen will introduce you to multi-pronged blobs. As before, experiment to find out how to manipulate it. This section is a bit tricky, and you’ll have to guess and jump at the same time. Head to the right to find the fish and then head to the left, up onto the floating island. Jump left again, get past the locked gate, and head up the waterfall. You’ll have to cross another pair of multi-pronged blobs to head right.

On this screen, head right, jump up the blobs as high as they’ll take you (you’ll end up on a waterfall). Head right from the waterfall, and drop down onto a floating island to find the fish again. Head left over the moving blobs, and enter the little tunnel with the locked gate. Go through to the next screen.

Wandersong screenshot

Head right to a waterfall lined by blobs and use them to jump up and out of the shaft. Continue heading up the hill until you find the Overseer’s castle. Talk to the fish and he’ll open the way for you.

Inside the castle, head to the right and go all the way up the stairs until you find an oscillating wave hovering above a platform. Sing anti-clockwise at the right speed, until your singing matches up with the wave’s oscillation.

Once the Overseer is revealed, watch the long conversation.

After you regain control of the Bard, start singing and you’ll reveal circles with oscillating waves. Walk near a circle, and sing at the right speed to match up your singing with the waves. Once you activate a circle, it will turn purple. Turn all of the circles purple and you will finally learn the piece of the Earthsong.

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