Pleasant befriend-em-up Yonder gets new trailers showcasing two biomes

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is set on an island with eight biomes, and these new trailers showcase two of those. Here’s what you’ll be exploring.

It was only last month that we learned of the adorable-looking Yonder, in which you show up on an island and go about doing pleasant, helpful things instead of ripping everything apart with blades or bullets. I’m talking about things like farming, fishing and cooking: things that will particularly warm your heart if you’re into games like the Harvest Moon series or Stardew Valley.

Developer Prideful Sloth has now put out a couple of trailers for the game showcasing two biomes. The game itself features eight biomes, from snowy mountains to sunny beaches. While the trailers below show decidedly milder climes, they’re certainly not lacking in a homely sense of charm. Here’s the trailer for the Grasslands. Notice the land. And the grass on it.

Next up, we have Hearthwind Vale, which appears to be either a town, or a vale containing a town. It’s got some particularly peculiar creatures that look like bouncy plush toys. It’s a little unsettling that there’s no people around. Maybe they’re all having an afternoon nap?

Yonder is being made by Australian developer Prideful Sloth, which combines the powers of a former producer at Activision and developers from Rocksteady Studios—the lads and lasses behind three of the Batman: Arkham games. The game decidedly involves no punching criminals in the face or tracking down footprints using detective vision, but it does have a lot of endearing things to do like helping the local townsfolk and befriending the wildlife. Ah, the rustic life.

Oh, and there’s also a sinister murk taking over the island, and you have to find a way to stop it. No pressure.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is releasing on July 18th for PC and PS4.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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