Yonder’s latest trailers show off the Shivering Plains, Sunderwind Wilds

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles now has a new trailer showing off the Shivering Plains biome. Here’s a look at the Sunderwind Wilds as well.

Look, it’s borderline criminal how adorable Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles already is, but every time developer Prideful Sloth releases a new trailer, we’re treated to another ridiculously cute critter name. I mean, Fluffcubs? That’s that name of the doggo-like creatures you’ll find in the icy Shivering Plains. They’re more or less giant, purple St Bernards, but no really, they’re called Fluffcubs. Here’s a look at them and where they live:

Earlier this month, Prideful Sloth also showed off another biome. This one’s a lot less chilly, and a lot more sunny, and it’s called the Sunderwind Wilds. The token creatures here are giant squirrel-like things called Squombles. Here’s the trailer in all its 19-second glory:

So what exactly do you do in Yonder, you might be asking, because clearly befriending animals called ‘Fluffcubs’ isn’t enough for you. Well, the answer is, quite a bit. In Yonder, you find yourself on the island of Gemea, and you can farm, craft, cook, fish and brew as you try to befriend the locals, both human and animal. While you’re doing all this, there’s a nasty murky darkness taking over the island, and you have to stop it.

That might sound like the set-up for some action, but surprisingly, Yonder is a strictly non-violent adventure. Instead of blasting and slashing, you’ll be making new friends. Like Fluffcubs.

Yonder is under development at Prideful Sloth in Australia, an indie studio staffed by folks who have formerly worked on the Batman: Arkham games. Make games about a caped vigilante bashing up tough men, and you end up wanting to make a game about befriending purple St Bernards, clearly.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is slated to release on July 18th, on PC (Steam) and PS4.

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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