About Into Indie Games

Into Indie Games is a site dedicated to Indie Games, Indie Developers and the Indie Gaming Community. We cover everything indie games including: News, Features, Reviews, Previews, Walkthroughs and Crowdfunding.

Our aim is to cater to anyone interested in independent games development, people interested in independent games development, gaming culture and indie games.

For us being indie is an attitude, not dictated by team size or budget, but a way of creating and thinking. Being creative, innovative and original. 


Our content is broken down into News, Previews, Reviews, Features and Crowdfunding. Which include Interviews, Opinion, Guides, Tips and Walkthroughs.

The Team

Into Indie Games was founded by members of the games industry who saw that independent gaming development was not receiving the coverage  that it deserved. The team currently operate from the UK under the stewardship of Harry Cole as Publisher, with contributiors from all over the globe.

If you’d like to learn more about Into Indie Games and speak with the team, we’re always happy to catch up so do get in touch.