Indie Game Developer interview with Oscar Ruiz Founder of Chorrus Games

We met Oscar at Pocket Gamer Connects in the Indie Zone. After checking out his latest title Unbroken Soul, it was great to catch up in an interview. Read below for our Indie Game Developer interview with Oscar Ruiz Founder of Chorrus Games.

Indie Game Developer interview with Oscar Ruiz Founder of Chorrus Games

I’m Oscar Ruiz Founder of Chorrus Games and the main programmer of Unbroken Soul. Unbroken Soul is a retro-style action platformer game with amazing pixel art. Chorrus Games is a small Spanish Studio based in Madrid, founded in 2014 we have been focusing on mobile and web development, licensing numerous HTML5 games and publishing some others on Google Play and Apple App Store. Our biggest hit is Super Oscar with over 15 million downloads worldwide! We have a very exciting 2020 with some incredible projects I am sure the indie community will love 🙂

Indie Game Developer interview with Oscar Ruiz - Gameplay

Can you tell me about Unbroken Soul, what makes it awesome?

We really missed a game on mobile devices as polished and fun as indie games are usually on PC/Console so we started working on this project. Making a game like Unbroken Soul available for smartphones has been quite a challenge for numerous reasons, for example: How can we get smooth/responsive/versatile controls on such a limited screen. After trying tons of systems we finally found a pretty good way to add them on the screen and make them completely customizable to fit any device. The final result is something we are really proud of and most users are loving it!

The uniqueness of this game is that the quality and gameplay is what a user would expect from a Console or PC game, having that in your pocket is something we really believe is awesome.

Just to give some more information about the game to some potential users.

We count with 9 unique worlds, each one with 4 very challenging levels and a boss fight, plus every world has a different soundtrack. As a bonus, if you love challenges, the last boss is probably the hardest boss fight you will find on any mobile game!

Indie Game Developer interview with Oscar Ruiz - Character Art

What has the journey been like making this game?

It has been a really long process, started this project as The Quest on 2015, we designed some pretty cool game mechanics and levels, even got Steam Greenlight when that was still a thing 😀

At some point, we thought we weren’t really delivering anything new unless we made some huge changes to the gameplay, design, story, etc… We finally decided to abandon this project, although we all knew we wanted to remaster it in the future. I worked on some other amazing projects in the next few years and learned a lot from each of them until we finally thought we were ready to continue developing this game around the summer of 2018. All our new knowledge helped us really improve and modify everything we wanted to from the old version. After another year of hard work, Unbroken Soul was finally ready, released the 30th of June and got some pretty nice media coverage and got featured on Google and Apple App Store which really helped us improve the game even more. 

Improving the game is something we are still doing, some new amazing game modes and improvements are coming soon, and every sale really helps us 🙂

What got you into making games and making indie games in particular? 

I have always loved video games, grew with them and have always wondered how such amazing worlds were made, so when I was pretty young, I decided to start playing around with some game engines and built my first game(of course, a terrible one :P). My curiosity was satisfied and didn’t get back into it 3 years later when I was browsing the App Store and tired of never finding the games I wanted to play, decided to create the ones I really missed, usually games I played as a kid. That probably answers the question that made me choose the indie path, I personally enjoy a lot more this little 2D retro adventures that bring back the joy of what I call the golden decade of gaming.

What have you learned from making games?

There are so many things I have learned from this journey. My favorite ones are probably perseverance, discipline and to never stop fighting for your dreams. 

If you had advice for indie game makers, what would it be?

Only develop games you love, game development might look fun from the outside, but when you work on a project for years it gets really tedious(this is why discipline is one of the things I have learned). If you love your project, all that will fade away once you see the amazing game you are creating. If you are working on a game just because you believe it can be a good money maker but personally hate it, I am pretty sure you will never finish it! So that would definitely be my number one advice 🙂

How can people support you and your game?

The easiest way to support us is by buying Unbroken Soul or even downloading Super Oscar which is free. Hopefully, you will love them enough to also leave us a review or recommend us to your friends 😉 Some other things we really appreciate is receiving support on social media, here I will leave some links below.

Indie Game Developer interview with Oscar Ruiz - Character

Where can people buy/play the game? And learn more about your studio?

It is currently available on Google and Apple App Store, I will drop some links below plus all links to social media and our website. Thanks a lot for reading the article and hope you have enjoyed it. Some new amazing projects will come soon this year and your support is something we would really appreciate 😀

Google Play: and App Store: Twitter: and Website:

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