Subsequence – A darkly humorous puzzle adventure game from a solo dev

Subsequence is a linear, single-player adventure game from Prague-based developer Zoemi Games. Solo developer Jakub Pilař tells us more.

Hi! This is Jakub Pilař from Prague, a passionate solo developer by night, regular job employee by day, and father of two kids. I’m working on Subsequence – a linear single player story driven 3D adventure game – and after almost seven years of development, I’m really happy to finally and officially announce my game!

Subsequence is like if Half-Life and Syberia had a baby. But with slightly lower sales. I don’t have false hopes and I don’t expect a hit that will break the internet, but I believe that the game will find its audience. I believe that players will forget about the world around them for a while and will enjoy every moment of playing. I see this as my mission.

I first installed Unity and Blender seven years ago, which was just the beginning of Subsequence’s development. A lot has changed since then. I’ve restarted the whole development twice, dropping everything and starting again from scratch. I also bought a new keyboard and mouse.

Subsequence indie game screenshot

Subsequence is set in an underground research facility, a burning elevator shaft, a flooded supply tunnel, a toilet, and space. It is in the underground laboratories that, thanks to coincidence, the main heroine Vicky gets stuck. Things go bad and Vicky will have to fight for her life.

Her journey to safety will be lined with difficult obstacles, and she will be solving logical puzzles, exploring the environment, and collecting and using objects These form the main mechanics of the game. Players will experience moments of tension, but at the same time everything will be spiced with a careful dose of humor.

And most importantly, it will always be fun!

Subsquence indie game screenshot

Subsequence is not finished yet, but I see a light at the end of the tunnel now, and the release is scheduled for the end of this year.


  • Explore the colorful world of the underground research facility, ranging from laboratories to the burning elevator shaft to the spacious and practically designed interiors of a spaceship to Vicky’s cozy home where a cute animal marks its territory
  • Solve logical puzzles and try not to go through the laser beam, it cuts you in half
  • Find and use items because they can be found and used
  • Have deep conversations with no conversation options
  • Discover hidden Collectable items to unlock…
  • Easily control the entire game with just the keys WASDE or a gamepad
  • Enjoy the carefully dosed humor

Subsequence indie game screenshot

If you are interested in my game at least on a scale of 2/10, you can visit the official website of the game.

Or you can support the game by wishlisting it on the Steam Page.

Have a nice day!


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This Article was written by: Harry Cole

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