Quit Today – Interview with Yohcan Studio

Quit Today is a beat ’em up about fighting your office colleagues and resigning from work. Yung Yeh of Yohcan Studio tells us more.

Workplace frustrations and zealous colleagues boil over in Quit Today, an upcoming side-scrolling beat ’em up from Taiwanese developer Yohcan Studio.

Your ‘resignation adventure’ will have you fighting employees throughout your company, with your briefcase doing double-duty as a makeshift weapon.

We talked to Yohcan Studio to learn more about this workplace-themed action game.

Quit Today - Interview with Yohcan Studio

Please could you introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Yung Yeh, a game developer who has been working in the game industry in Taiwan for many years. After experience of developing of many action games, I believe that creating action games is my lifelong ambition.

In order to realize various design concepts in my mind, I have been exploring various new software and handling the work of planning, art, and programming, to create games that everyone can enjoy.

And could you introduce your studio?

Yohcan studio is run by Yung Yeh (responsible for development) and Sally (responsible for business). We streamline our company structure by leveraging the diversified abilities of members to create flexible and personalized game jobs.

We believe that games are carriers of fun, and our studio name is derived from the similarity in pronunciation of the Chinese phrase “易開罐”(Ring Pull Can), which means easy to open.

This reflects our belief that anyone can quickly enjoy the pure joy that games bring, just like opening a can by pulling the ring.

Quit Today - Interview with Yohcan Studio

What can you tell us about Quit Today?

“Quit Today” is a side-scrolling action game in which players take on the role of a down-to-earth and hardworking office worker who has been fulfilling their responsibilities in the company for years.

After witnessing the corruption within the company, he decides to quit and transforms into an office avenger. Wielding a heavy briefcase, he hits his robotic colleagues in the face to counter an epic path to resignation.

How did you come up with the concept?

I believe many people have fantasized about beating up an incompetent colleague or boss, especially in Taiwan where the turnover rate is high and people are often dissatisfied with their work.

As someone who has experienced multiple resignations and jobs in action game development, I believe that combining my personal experience with game development can help me showcase my strengths and also relate to players. I’m glad that this strategy has been effective so far.

Quit Today - Interview with Yohcan Studio

Can you tell us a little about the gameplay?

We have created a very simple rule: for gamers to be able to zone out and play the game after work, with the goal being to smash all colleagues and bosses.

Players can grab office equipment to throw and smash, dump their colleagues into a fan, or execute them with a spectacular animation. We want to provide many stress-relieving methods for players, allowing them to discover just how brutal they can be.

What do you love about making indie games?

Compared to large companies that often need to make decisions with lower risk in development strategies, independent games with smaller budgets have much more potential for mad experimentation. We can try all kinds of crazy ideas without anyone saying “no.”

In addition, in small teams (1-person development), communication costs are nought. This allows ideas to be generated in the mind and turned into reality at supersonic speed. By eliminating tedious documents and useless meetings, we can use that time to iterate and create more versions.

Quit Today - Interview with Yohcan Studio

What’s your next step for the game and plans for the future?

The most ambitious plan is to complete and polish the entire game to ensure the game is as aesthetically pleasing and error-free as possible. If time allows, we would also like to explore ways to extend it with new game modes or investigate opportunities to launch it on multiple platforms.

How do you hope audiences will respond to the game?

“Hey, that’s my boss! Let me show him who’s boss!” I hope they point at the little character on the screen with their name tag and say this.

Did you hate an office job and is this your revenge?

Neither. I just hope that making indie games can sustain me financially, but if this path doesn’t work, I’ll probably have to go back to working at a company…

Quit Today - Interview with Yohcan Studio

When is it out and how can people stay updated?

We have already completed most of the content, and with optimization and debugging time, we should be able to release within this year.

As for the follow-up, we have pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and our publisher, Justdan International, will also translate and publish PR in multiple languages for different regions.

Can we hope to see a Linux port?

As our understanding of the Linux system may not be very professional at this stage, but we can gain a deeper understanding to evaluate its feasibility. I hope it won’t be too difficult!

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke