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How can you use stats in video games?

Tourney screenshot

Tourney – the medieval tournament simulator is now on Kickstarter

Tourney is a tournament simulator that puts a medieval spin on classic tycoon style games....
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Battlecruisers: a strange 2D RTS from New Zealand

Kicking off in 22nd century “Even Newer Zealand”, players are challenged to create the ultimate...
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What are the best indie games to play on Xbox Game Pass?

Whether you’re playing on an Xbox or a PC, these indie games have our seal...
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Can A Game Be Narrative Without Words?

The vast majority of narrative games use language in some form (text or voice acting)...
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The Darkest Dungeon

The Most Successful Kickstarter-Funded Indie Games

Launching an indie game and considering Kickstarter? In this article Travis Taborek explores the  most...
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Scarlet Republics – Now on Kickstarter

The ambition with Scarlet Republics is to marry two aspects of video games that we...
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Simpocalypse: Alpha Released

Gamex Games announced that the development of Simpocalypse just hit the next stage, now opening...
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How to implement choice in Videogames?

How To Implement Choice in Videogames?

In my last post, I discussed the purpose of narrative in games (to enhance game...
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Steam Game Revenue

How much money do Steam games make?

Hi, I’m Karl Kontus, one of the creators of a free games market research platform...
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