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Ticket To Heaven

Ticket To Heaven – Fight to heaven or stay in hell. Kickstarter campaign launches July...
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Solo Indie Dev releases Hive Quest demo after Kickstarter. Vertical Slice showcases bugs life in...
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What Is Narrative in Video Games?

I’ve been making video games for the last three years, as well as have been...
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Pastel Game Players

Announcing Pastel

Pastel An Adventure-Puzzle game led by Korean artist Yuni Jang! The partnership between artists Yuni...
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Maxwell’s Daemons

Maxwell’s Daemons a scientifically grounded FPS adventure set in the microworld, is now live on...
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Quintus and the Absent Truth

Wreck Tangle Games has today released the first chapter of ‘Quintus and the Absent Truth’,...
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BadBee Coming To Steam

BadBee an escape game where you use stealth to avoid guards will soon be available...
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Rogue Summoner

Gamecraft Studios – a two-brother team working from Brazil – has announcement their tactical roguelike,...
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Video Game Insights Launches

New platform Video Game Insights launches, helping indie devs make better decisions with better data....
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