Bob: A Thousand Lives – It’s Hard and Sad

Those who like particularly difficult adventures, or if a video game has something extra to say, will appreciate the world of Bob: A thousand lives.


The story of the game focuses on a boy named Bob, who after an accident finds himself in a mysterious and strange world, and the events he experiences here make him realize that this is not the first time he has visited this place, where the past, present and future exist at the same time . The game expresses the boy’s cycle of life and death, and its ending provides a shocking insight into the principle of continuity.

Bob: A Thousand Lives


One of our main goals in controlling Bob is to avoid the consuming past, which in the form of a mist creature is trying to prevent him from achieving his goal. It is already clear from all this that Bob: A thousand lives is a strongly story-oriented work that tells about the cycle of life with a depressing atmosphere, and it tops it all off with a seriously challenging gameplay.

Those who embark on Bob’s adventures can expect the difficult and precisely executed gameplay characteristic of old classic platformers, so the facilitation characteristic of games of our time does not play: there is no help, guidance or any tips, you have to explore the course alone and solve the obstacles that roll in front of you.

The world of the game is continuous, but it is divided into sections by closed gates, and we can pass through them only after reaching the correct number of keys. Completing the story covers approximately 15 hours of playing time, but due to the difficulty level, this can be longer.

Bob: A Thousand Lives


The visuals and colors of the game are unique and captivating. Sometimes we just find ourselves getting so lost in the details that the game isn’t progressing. The control is very simple, even with a controller or a keyboard/mouse combination, you can get used to it very quickly. Our progress and attempts are rewarded with achievements, so for example we get a trophy even if we have jumped somewhere more than a thousand times and of course the trophy also comes after the thousand deaths (as the title of the game suggests), which will be a little more difficult to complete.

Bob: A thousand lives is available on Steam with a great value for money and positive reviews. If you like heavy platformers and games with a serious story, you should check it out.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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