Alone in the Dark Walkthrough : Prologue

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After the super creepy cutscene, you will be put in control of the red-haired little girl, Grace. Go to the back of the room and inspect the jack in the box,

After checking everything else in the room, exit through the door. A raven will fly out the door to the right. Inspect the sofa where the raven was sitting.

You need a key to go through the door on the left.

The door leading outside will close on you as you get closer. Go through and you will be inside a bathroom now. Check the medicine on the left side counter and then the sink. Exit the bathroom and go through the door on the left.

Speak to Jeremy here and watch the cutscene unfold. Pick up the Stair Hall key from the table.

Exit the room and head to the left. Use the Stair Hall Key to unlock the door and step through. You will see a ton of creepy statues. Walk towards the couch on the left.

This will trigger a scene change, you can’t walk through the door on the other side. So walk past the statues and head down.

Your path will be barred so walk up the stairs till you can interact with the bannister near the bear.

Follow the QTE and cross over to the other side and through the door. All the doors in this room are locked so walk up to the counter and interact with it.

Watch the short cutscene and the prologue will end.

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