En Garde! Walkthrough – Fraudulent Fortress (Part 1)

En Garde! Walkthrough

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Stuck in En Garde? Check out our En Garde Walkthrough to find all the points of interests and secrets in the fourth episode of the game.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for En Garde! This guide covers all the points of interest and secrets in the game, along with a general walkthrough of how to proceed through a level.

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Episode 4: Fraudulent Fortress

Point of Interest 1: From where you start, look at the boat and examine the papers in it.

En Garde! Walkthrough – Fraudulent Fortress (Part 1)

Rather than taking the stairs up immediately, look right for a cave next to couple of palm trees. Enter this cave and take a right towards the upturned boat.

Point of Interest 2: Examine the bottles near the upturned boat.

En Garde! Walkthrough – Fraudulent Fortress (Part 1)

Return to where you started the level and take the wooden stairs up. Jump across the gap and proceed up the rock ledges. Continue along the path above.

Continue along the cliff path until you find an empty easel.

Point of Interest 3: Examine the yellow papers on the table to the right of the easel.

En Garde! Walkthrough – Fraudulent Fortress (Part 1)

Backtrack a little and take the path that goes up from the cliffside path. You’ll end up on a rock – jump over the broken wall and onto the other side.

Go towards the cliff edge and drop down onto the ledge below. Continue along the edge of the cliff, jumping across the gap and towards the bar.

En Garde! Walkthrough – Fraudulent Fortress (Part 1)

Just after clearing the bar jump, you’ll be on some rocks. Continue until you find another bar with a lantern hanging off of it. Don’t jump onto the bar just yet.

Secret 1 (Conspicuous Bonfire): From the bar, look down for a boat and drop down onto it. Jump from the boat towards the little cave with the bonfire in it.

En Garde! Walkthrough – Fraudulent Fortress (Part 1)

Point of Interest 4: Investigate the bonfire to complete this PoI and the first secret as well.

En Garde! Walkthrough – Fraudulent Fortress (Part 1)

Go along the past the cave and climb up to return to your previous position above the boat. Jump towards the bar with the lantern on it.

On the other side, jump towards the rope to finally end up on the castle. Before taking the stairs up, take the stairs down towards the dock.

Point of Interest 5: Examine the papers on the wooden crates at the dock.

En Garde! Walkthrough – Fraudulent Fortress (Part 1)

Go back up the two flights of stairs and you’ll encounter a duelist above. Defeat him.

Point of Interest 6: Examine the red book on the wooden crates in the area where you defeated the duelist.

En Garde! Walkthrough – Fraudulent Fortress (Part 1)

Proceed past the opened portcullis when done. Go up the stairs and jump towards the bars to pass through the waterfall. Right after the waterfall, look right for a corridor with a broken floor.

Jump across this gap, proceeding along the edge of the broken area to reach the barred wooden door on the other side.

Point of Interest 7: Examine the notice affixed to the barred wooden door.

En Garde! Walkthrough – Fraudulent Fortress (Part 1)

Now either drop down through the hole in the corridor or go down the stairs. Proceed until you reach an apparent dead end with a soldier on the far side.

Turn left and jump onto the net. Proceed right to the bar and onward to find a lever. Use the lever here and return to the previous ‘dead-end’ location.

Head onto the conveyor and use the lever to be taken to the other side.

En Garde! Walkthrough – Fraudulent Fortress (Part 1)

Continue down the stairs and open the closed doors to proceed.

Proceed straight ahead across the wooden bridge to battle four soldiers. After defeating them, ehad through the stone passage and go past the lit brazier, to the next set of closed doors. Open them to proceed.

Continue forward and follow the lackey through the broken wall and gate. Defeat the lackeys there and go up the stairs. Roll through the half-open portcullis.

Point of Interest 8: Examine the purple hat lying on the floor just above the stairs.

En Garde! Walkthrough – Fraudulent Fortress (Part 1)

Use the double doors to proceed to the next area.

Continue forwards here to get into a big, two-round fight. Proceed through the opened portcullis and closed double doors when you’re done with them.

Go forwards and use the lever to take the elevator up. Take a right at the cannon to fight three elite soldiers.

Point of Interest 9: Examine the piled-up cannons in the corner of the room.

En Garde! Walkthrough – Fraudulent Fortress (Part 1)

Continue through the half-open portcullis and open the double-doors. Go forwards, then left, and then forwards again until you reach the broken bridge.

Look right and jump onto the elevator-cage. Jump onto the one after that, and then onto the castle area. Here, cross the horizontally-placed ladder.

Point of Interest 10: Examine the plate with rocks on it.

Go back past the horizontal ladder and jump onto the net to land on the next elevator-cage. From the elevator cage, go up and then jump onto the net ahead. Use the bars to get yourself on another suspended cage.

Jump onto the next cage and then forwards, so that you’ve crossed the broken bridge. Defeat El Vigilante, and then go to the broken bridge where he was standing before.

Secret 2 (A Game of Cannons): Look towards the sea from the broken bridge to find a wooden plank platform below. Jump down there. Turn around, drop down to the next platform, and then onto the broken part of the bridge. Turn around and jump towards the bar, then onto the other side using a rope.

En Garde! Walkthrough – Fraudulent Fortress (Part 1)

Point of Interest 11: Examine the wooden board with the scores written with chalk on it. This will complete this PoI and the second secret as well.

En Garde! Walkthrough – Fraudulent Fortress (Part 1)

Pull the lever on the wooden elevator here to return to the platform where El Vigilante was.

Open the double doors behind El Vigilante to proceed.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke