Faeland Walkthrough – Part 2

Check out Part 2 of our Faeland walkthrough to learn how to navigate the Wynn Great Woods and pickup your first weapon.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Faeland for the Early Access build (V.0.2.00).

For more information on Faeland beyond this walkthrough, please check out the official steam page here.

After exiting from the Spider Caves and out into the Wynn Great Woods, go left. Jump onto the ledges on the left and head up. At the top jump onto the climbable vine drop down and head left. Maneuver through the goblins, and mushrooms and use the platforms to move towards the left till you reach a big movable block.

Avoid the spider and use the block to jump on to the next level and exit the area.  In the next area, jump over the blue goblin and head to the wall at the end. Turn around, jump on the ledge next to you on the right, and head up. As you jump on to the next ledge on the right, watch for the vine on top. Avoid the rushing pig and jump on the platform above the pig. Exit the area through the right.

In the next area jump on to the ledge, infront of the giant tree trunk. Walk across the top of the trunk with the two goblins inside the trunk. Once you get to the giant boulder, push it to take care of the goblins below. Head down and pick up the Wooden Stick.

Turn the bonfire on and save. Head right and then up, kill the red mushroom on top and the blue. Head up till you reach the path blocked by plant growth. Swing your stick to clear a path.

In the next area, there is a goblin. Jump over its initial attack and then swing fast, 4 or 5 swings should kill him. Exit the area on the left. In the next area, kill the first goblin before it clocks on to you being there. Kill the one above on the platform. Jump on to the small platform, turn right and jump on to the next ledge on the right. Kill the 3rd goblin here by getting up on the upper platform and pushing the block down on to him.

Push the block to the far right and get up on it to jump on the ledge on the right to pick up Ragged Pants.

Now push the block to the left and drop it onto the lower area. Now push it again to access the ledge on the left to exit the area. In the next area, jump on to the platforms to take out the mushroom and the vines. In the lower area, there are wolves. Take care of all three of them. Jump back up on the smallest ledge and head up.

Faeland walkthrough

Exit the area through the path on the right. In the next area, head right on the upper path till you reach the two blue goblins and take them out. Drop down and take out the pig and watch for the snake. Keep heading right and jump off the ledge and move right to find a hidden area with a venus fly trap.

Faeland walkthrough

Kill the plant and open the chest here to find Fabric. Hack through the vines and jump back across. Head to the left till you reach a platform with two chests on either side.

Faeland walkthrough

Open the left one for a Cheese. Head back to the right and jump up on the ledge as in the picture below, there is a spider and vine sticking out the edge of the platform. Take care of both.

Faeland walkthrough

Go left from here towards the other chest we saw earlier. Inside the chest you will find a Small Gold bag. Go across all the upper platforms till you reach a blue goblin and take it out. Exit the area. In the next area, jump across the gap and climb up on the ledge on the right. Exit the area through the path on the right. In the next area, you will come across a bench. Sit here to save.

Faeland walkthrough

Check the statue and check the sign and head right to see a vista of Valia Town down below in the valley. You are welcomed with the title screen.

Faeland walkthrough

Our new quest is to reach Valia Town.

This concludes part 2 of our walkthrough for Faeland. You can find part 3 here.

This Article was written by: Mahmud Munazil Rahman