Psychonauts 2 Boss Guide – Lady Luctopus

Stuck on the Lady Luctopus boss battle in Psychonauts 2? Here’s how you can take down the first major boss of the game with no sweat.

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Lady Luctopus

Lady Luctopus is the boss of the level Hollis’ Hot Streak, which takes you into the mind of Hollis Forsythe. This gambling-themed boss is all about bombs, electricity, and lots of cards, but you can beat her with a bit of ingenuity.

Phase 1

In the first phase of the Lady Luctopus fight, the boss will draw a ‘bomb’ card and then cough up a series of 3 bombs in your direction. You must avoid these bombs, because if you are caught in their vicinity, they will go boom. Once you’re clear of the bombs, and at least one of the bombs is lying unexploded, use Telekinesis to pluck the bomb out of the table. Now aim your Telekinesis at one of Lady Luctopus’ tentacles, i.e. the tentacle she is using to hold up the two intern ‘cards’. In Phase One, the tentacle should be on the right side of the boss. Your aim should automatically snap to one of the tentacle suckers, so shoot your bomb at it to expose the cover. With the sucker exposed, repeat the procedure above – toss another bomb in to blow it up and rescue the interns. As soon as the interns are rescued, use Mental Connection to jump up the stray thoughts along where the tentacle was standing. Jump onto the tokens and then jump onto the higher tokens using the pink heart. When you can see Lady Luctopus’ head, shoot Psi Blast at it until it is destroyed and the space inside is exposed. Psychonauts 2 screenshot Now use the new stray thoughts to make your way into the space in Lady Luctopus’ head and beat up the green heart. Once you’ve caused enough damage to it, you’ll enter Phase 2 of the fight.

Phase 2

Your strategy in this phase is the same as before, but there are a couple of twists involved. Firstly, Lady Luctopus will now occasionally cover the tentacle suckers with a hand of cards. You simply have to wait for the cards to be lowered before attacking the sucker with your bomb. Secondly, the boss has a new attack. When there are red crisscrossing lines spread across the table, steer clear of those lines because those are the paths along which a flurry of cards will soon fly. If you’re hit by the cards, you’ll take damage. Apart from this, you must carry on the same way as before: blast the sucker with one of Lady Luctopus’ own bombs, and then use Mental Connection to climb up the tokens on the left side of the boss. Shoot the cover of Lady Luctopus’ brain and make your way inside via Mental Connection. Hit the heart until the next phase begins. Psychonauts 2 screenshot

Phase 3

Again, your core strategy remains the same. This time, the boss will throw more bombs at you, so update your rhythm accordingly. Also note her new attack, which causes the entire table floor to be covered in electricity. To avoid getting electrocuted, jump onto one of the token towers that are scattered around the table. Make sure you still avoid the card and bomb attacks, though! Psychonauts 2 screenshot As usual, blast the sucker cover, shoot a bomb into the sucker, and use Mental Connection to make your way into Lady Luctopus’ brain and bust up the heart one last time. With this, you’ll have destroyed Lady Luctopus and rescued Hollis’ mind from itself (or rather, your own meddling).

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