What’s a gaming VPN? And why are gamers using VPNs?

In a world where every move and decision you make is getting tracked, many players are turning to gaming VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) for greater security, privacy, anonymity and an improved gaming experience. We asked, What’s a gaming VPN? But why do you need a gaming VPN? We wanted to delve a little deeper into VPNs, why gamers are using them and what gamers are getting out of using a gaming VPN. 

Enjoy awesome gaming speeds

As any gamer knows speed matters, when it comes to gaming for pleasure or competitively. Did you know that your Internet Service Provider may be slowing down your internet on purpose? ISP throttling is the process of limiting data traffic based on demand and levels of access. With a gaming VPN get the speeds you’re supposed to and you can unlock your network’s full potential. This means with a good gaming VPN, you can game without worrying about sudden speed drops or a mili-second lag that allows everyone to get you before you see them. It can give you a competitive edge. You can bet most pros are using a VPN to give them the best chance of getting the jump on competitors. Gaming VPN - Security

Buy the same games for less

Sometimes games are cheaper depending on the country you make the purchase. Countries like the UK and US are known for having higher prices, while in countries like Brazil and the Philippines games can be up to 30% cheaper.  By using your VPN your location is anonymous, allowing you take advantage of the best possible prices in any part of the globe. The VPN can actually start to pay for itself with the money you save.  You can also connect to early-access time zones and many games have exclusive content limited to only a few countries. With a new IP address, you’ll appear to be from a country that gets exclusive access. For some games, it’s up to 12 hours earlier!

Be protected while you play

Networks, systems and therefore games are vulnerable to DDoS attacks. There’s little you can do if your favourite game provider is attacked, they should have adequate protection. But you can protect yourselves. Through running a VPN your details are unavailable and less vulnerable to being targeted.  A VPN will not just protect you while you are gaming at home. At work, in your house or while using an exterior less secure network. Wherever you go to game, you will have an extra layer of protection against DDos and similar attacks. You can even get access to your favourite servers anywhere you want by connecting to a VPN.  As well as protecting you from attacks, VPNs offer another layer of security and your data will also be protected. Organisations will not be available to track or monitor your data unless you decide you want them too. With the amount of data compromised by leading institutions and organisations every year, you’re wise to keep your privacy. Gaming VPN - For the Players

Remain Anonymous 

Gamers like to stay incognito, why else would we all be gaming using avatars and usernames? Games let you be whoever you want, whenever you want and however you want. A gaming VPN can do the same, letting you remain behind a cloak of anonymity.  Whether in game or just on forums and in social networks like Discord or Twitter, a VPN will prevent you from being tracked, followed or watched. Allowing true anonymity whereby you can comment, interact and behave as you like, without fear of reprisal or having your identity revealed. 

Whatever you game on, you can get a gaming VPN

Gaming VPNs are not limited to PCs. Whether you play on console, PC, mobile, browser or Smart TV. VPNs are available that will give you the full protection and service which a VPN can offer. A VPN will also allow access to content and features that may be region locked. Not all VPNs are the same and you’re best going with a recognised provider who can offer you the best package for the types of gaming you do. There are levels of anonymity and protection you can choose which can enhance your gaming experience but not leave you compromised.

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This Article was written by: Harry Cole

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