Cookie Cutter Walkthrough – Part 5 – E.T Foundry Part 1

Cookie Cutter Walkthrough - Table of Contents

  1. Part 1 – Denzel Factory
  2. Part 2 – Bloody Den Part 1
  3. Part 3 – Bloody Den Part 2
  4. Part 4 – Bloody Den Part 3
  5. Part 5 – E.T Foundry Part 1
  6. Part 6 – E.T Foundry Part 2
  7. Part 7 – Pneuma Chambers
  8. Part 8 - The Electro Titanium Gates

Welcome to Into Indie Games walkthrough for Cookie Cutter. If you want to find out more about the game, please go here.

Jump out of the elevator in the ET Foundry and get up on top and head left. Activate the checkpoint and exit the area. In the next area head to the left and exit to find a DENZEL station. Go straight to find a terminal and then air dash through the laser to exit this room. In the next room, jump up to the upper platform and kill the mud enemy here.

Head to the left, drop down and air dash through the laser to exit the room. In the next room kill the enemy and then jump up on the retracting platforms to head to the top. Kill the enemy here and move to the left. Use the trampoline to get up higher. Kill the mud enemy here and move to the left to exit the room. In the next room, jump on the retracting platform and kill the enemy here.

Keep heading left and take out the enemies as they come along. Jump on the retracting platforms to get across to the other side and air dash through the lasers to activate the checkpoint. Jump on the platform in the middle of the room and head up.

Kill the enemy up there and jump across to find a chest. Drop back down and head to the left and use the moving platform to move up. In the next room, take out the enemy and jump past the giant lasers. Keep heading left  and jump up the platforms on the left to find two chests on top.

Go back down and drop down to the next room. In the next room go to the right, and drop down again. Keep dropping and kill the enemy at the bottom and head out through the door on the left. Activate the checkpoint in the next room and keep going. Jump up the retractable platforms in the next room and head up.

Air dash through the laser on top and head left. Kill the enemy here and keep going. Another phallic enemy, kill it and keep moving till you reach the moving platform. Jump up to the retractable platform and head up then right. Jump across the retractable platforms and through the giant red laser and on through the next giant red laser as well. Jump up to exit this room.

Take out the enemies here and at the left end, slide down and through for a secret area.

There is this strange contraption here and a 0/4 marker. Don’t know what this means right now, slide back out and jump up in the previous area.

Avoid the lasers and head to the left. Exit the room through the left door and activate the checkpoint and head back out. Go to the right. At the far right end of the room, get up on the platform and move to the left, avoiding the laser to find a chest.  

Head back to the right to exit the room. Activate the checkpoint and keep going. You will hit a gauntlet soon.

Exit the room on the top right when the gauntlet ends. Drop down the gap in the middle of the next room.

Kill the enemy and head to the right in the next room, drop down and keep making your way through and down. At the bottom, slide through the low opening on the left.

There is a chest and phallic enemy here. Exit the room and head to the right. Drop down in the next area and activate the checkpoint. You will find lock doors on both the right and left, so head up. Clear the platform on the left and exit the room on the right to find a DENZEL station and a Headless Denzel. You will need to buy a new DENZEL head for this dude. Head up and kick the lever to activate the elevator in this room. Go to the right and you will hear Autechre screaming again. Head down the stairs, activate the checkpoint and enter the next room. Prepare for a boss fight. Autechre.

Keep to the platforms and watch out for his beams, missiles and energy balls. Pretty simple platforming fight. He doesn’t really have a set pattern. Void Bullet is pretty helpful in this fight. After you kill him, entering the next room will trigger a cutscene with Salem Garbanzos. Use the trampoline to go up and grab the Ground Zero upgrade.

Use Ground zero on the platform, drop down and exit the room.

This concludes Part 5 of our walkthrough for Cookie Cutter. You can find Part 6 here!

This Article was written by: Mahmud Munazil Rahman