Faeland Walkthrough – Part 1

Check out Part 1 our Faeland walkthrough to learn the basics of the game and how to escape the Spider Caves.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Faeland for the Early Access build (V.0.2.00).

For more information on Faeland beyond this walkthrough, please check out the official steam page here.

After watching the prologue and the foreboding cutscene, our hero wakes up at home. Open the cupboard to the right for a Hunter’s Tunic and Peasant Footwear. Next open the chest of drawers on the left of your bed for a Hunting Knife. Lastly head down the stairs and open the chest for a Bow. Exit through the door and head left. Keep going left till you are shown instructions on how to use the knife.

faeland walkthrough

Kill the mushroom and pick up the Gold Coin. Keep going left and kill the next mushroom. Drop down and open the chest for an Apple. Jump back up and head to the left again, kill the next mushroom you see and go over the log. You will now be shown the combo instructions below.

faeland walkthrough

Jump up, kill the bird and the next two mushrooms, and exit the area. Drop down and kill the mushrooms at the bottom in the next area. Head right now, across the log to see a deer grazing. Chase after it as it runs away. In the next area, there is a crab under the water. Kill it and keep going. There is another crab in the next submerged area. Keep going to the right, killing any crabs in your way.  Once you reach this area in the picture below – swim downwards.

faeland walkthrough

Swim downwards and right till you reach the chest at the bottom for a Poor Gold Bag. Watch out for the Piranhas. Head up straight from the chest and jump up on the platform. Then head to the left for another chest on top of the hill. This chest has a Watermelon. Head to the right again to exit the area. In the next area cross the waterways till you reach the waterfall. Kill the crab here with your bow as you can’t use weapons underwater. Start swimming downwards and to the left and then round the underground rock formation.

faeland walkthrough

Swim through the narrow channel to reach a chest at the end. It contains a Small Gold Bag. Head back up to the waterfall and on to the shore. Now head left and jump up on the platform leading up. Once you clear the mushrooms out, head to the left to exit the area. In the next area you will see the deer you have been chasing.

faeland walkthrough

Once you kill the deer, you will receive Venison Meat. Keep heading left to exit the area and you should be back at your house. Once you go inside, the venison will be cooked and you will be having a great lunch. You will immediately go to bed afterwards, someone will be nudging you to wake up. An ogre will make a mess out of your bed, so backflip out of the window. More monsters outside, run away and they will give chase. As you cross the log, you will be struck with an arrow and the log will break and you will go crashing down. You now wake up naked, with all your hearts gone bar 3. Ah Metroidvanias.

faeland walkthrough

Head to the left and exit the area till you reach Spider Caves. Light the bonfire here.

Head to the left of the caves and exit the area. Jump over the spider and onto the next platform, consequently making your way to the left to exit the area. In the next area, head through the narrow corridor at the bottom, as the top seems to closed off by growing vines.

This way seems to closed off by vines too, so head back and go to the right and jump across the platforms to exit the area from the right. In the next area, wait till the spiders drop down and then jump over them.

In the next area push the block to the far end and then jump off it on to the next platform. Exit the area through the right, till you reach the waterfalls. Jump across to the other side and swim towards the left. Get up on shore on the left, in the low corridor.

Exit the area and in the next area, pick up the Enchanted Armbands.

Head back to the right to jump up and grab the ledge to exit the area. Once again, start swimming downwards and to the right to come ashore on that side. Jump back up on the platform on the left, back the way we came to exit the area. In the next area, jump up on the platform – turn right and jump up again and grab the ledge for a chest. Inside will be a Magic Potion Flask. Drop down and head to the left to exit the area. Jump over the spiders to exit the next area. In the next area, head to the lower left path and exit the area.

In the next area, grab the upper ledge and head to the left through there. At the end of the cave, you will receive a Sign.

You can now dodge roll. Dodge roll your way through the vines in the bottom path and exit the area. Back in the hub area, take the upper path to the left now.

Dodge roll through the numerous spiders and vines in the next area and exit at the far left. In the next area jump over the spider and jump up on the platform.

Keep heading up and exit at the left and you will find another waterfall, this leads to a sword that you can’t reach yet. Head back out and now to the right side path. In the next area, maneuver through the vines, bats and spiders to the far right and grab the ledge there to exit the area. In the next area, drop down and jump up on the ledge on the right. In the next area, jump over the spider on to the platform and you will reach another bonfire. Head back out and jump up on the platform here to head up.

Jump over the spider and to the right and keep going up. Exit the area on the left path. Keep running till you come across the Spider boss. You can’t fight him yet so keep running to the left and exit the area. In the next area, swim across the other side and jump on the ledge on top. Keep heading up and you will find a secret room as in the picture below.

Keep going up and you will exit the caves into Wynn Great Woods.

This concludes part 1 of our walkthrough for Faeland. You can find part 2 here.

This Article was written by: Mahmud Munazil Rahman