Turbo Kid Walkthrough – Part 7 (Junkyard Weapon Chip)

Turbo Kid Walkthrough


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Check out our walkthrough of Turbo Kid to find out how to explore the Junkyard and get the Junkyard Weapon Chip.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Turbo Kid.

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We start the walkthrough for this part at this location on the couch.

Make your way to this location on the map, near the mall. Avoid the laser eye floating over this region, I haven’t found a way to take it down as of the time of writing.

Air Dash up from the saws, to the ladder on the left.

Avoid the eye and pick up the Short story from this location on the right.

Go back to the left side and air dash up the hand holds to the top.

Save at the couch on the far left after entering the mall and then move to the right, grabbing off the handholds.

Once on top you will see Silver Ghost and Nestor will issue you a challenge to test your courage.

Go up and around to activate the Warp Zone and move to the left. Take the lower path as the upper path is locked off and drop down the narrow chute. Get on the Conveyor belts and head down.

There is a shortcut to avoiding Nestor’s Courage Trap, just fall down when the Hyrdraulic presses hit you.

Head to the left and save at the couch as below. 

Head up to the right and up the ladder and you will see the Silver Ghost crew again. You will now have to complete Nestor’s Wisdom Trap.

Go through and up on the right you can find a White crate.

Drop down and go up the left side now, taking out both drones. Crawl through into a new area.

The puzzle is pretty straightforward, make sure all these red switches are active and the two at the bottom are not. This will allow you to get the Short Story on top as well as exit the maze.

This complete’s Nestor’s Wisdom trap. Drop down and go to the left to save at the couch and then continue on the upper path to the left. Keep going till you meet the gang again.

You have to contend with Maximillian’s Power Challenge now. Go to the right and up till you reach the location on the picture below. 

On the right of this location is one of those laser eyes and a heart container. Just air dash around the traps and it’s pretty simple.

Drop back down and head to the left now. Keep going till you reach this location – 

On the right side is a small gauntlet, I found it easier to take them out from the right side. Head up the far left once you get up. Keep going till you hit this location. 

Clear out the turrets on the right first. Then hit the target, its a timer. So get on your bike and go – before the door closes on the other end.

This concludes Maximillian’s Power Challenge. Pass through the lightning traps on top of the escalator. Head up and save at the couch.

Head to the right and up the hand holds.

If you head to the left its the boss fight with Silver Ghost.

Tips for the boss fight: Phase 1

  1. She does a wide area lightning beam – from left to right and then right to left, only way to avoid damage is to get on your bike and haul asap.
  2. She drops a firebomb in the middle of the room that spreads and there is a wave that goes on both sides. Air Dash upwards to avoid the waves.
  3. The most important part of this fight are the drones that keep moving from left to right. They drop health pickups, try to hit as many as you can.
  4. She shoots three lightning bolts at random locations. Keep moving or you will get hit.

Tips for Phase 2

  1. She will drop her spider legs and it will be indestructible as it moves from side to side. Air dash over it when it comes close to you.
  2. She will summon metal sheets to her and form a shield that circles around her – she is indestructible in this form.
  3. She shoots the metal plates at you – you can shoot them and destroy them and this creates the opening to hit her.
  4. Its a battle of attrition. Keep getting health drops and avoiding damage. She will go down.

She will give you the Weapon Chip, which will provide you with the Lightning Gun. Go to the left and save at the couch.

Go to the left and save at the couch.

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This Article was written by: Mahmud Munazil Rahman