Pupperazzi Guide – Muttropolis Objectives (Part 4)

Need help completing your objectives in Pupperazzi? Check out this guide for how to solve further objectives in the Muttropolis area.

Pupperazzi Guide

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide for Pupperazzi! This guide will take you through fulfilling the objectives in the game.

We’ve arranged the guide by locations, while objectives that can span multiple locations have been put in their own sections. Remember to frequently post to dogNet and build your Follower count, as this is critical to finding new objectives and progressing in the game.

Also note that many elements of the game are randomised, such as which objectives are available to you, which ones are hidden behind the green envelope pick-up, which items can be found where, and where you might find the green envelopes.

For more information on Pupperazzi, check out the Steam page here!

Muttropolis Objectives (Part 4)

Get a photo of a dog from the rooftop

There’s several ways to get onto the rooftops, including two ladders or double-jumping on awnings and umbrellas. The outdoor café area is the easiest for getting up on rooftops, so try over there.

Stand on a rooftop (for some reason, the roof of the boneseller’s shop does not count) and take a picture of any dog down below. Dogs on rooftops do not count for this one. You do not require a zoom lens, just make sure a dog is on the ground and in the frame and you’re done.

Find the hidden tree dog

For this bizarre objective, you must first get yourself on top of the trees in the park forest. One way to get there is to first head up onto the higher grassy area near the playground, where you may have found the cat’s stock charts. From here, jump onto the tree (use the hedge for further height if necessary).

From this tree, double-jump towards the nearest tree in the forest area – it’s the one in the absolute middle of the pond and the playground. If you time your double-jump well, you should find yourself on top of the tree.

Continue walking on the treetops in the direction of the theater venue. Take care not to fall off!

Pupperazzi screenshot

There are a couple of dogs you can find on the trees here, just keep an eye out on the trees immediately along the forest path. Take a picture of either dog to complete the objective.

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