Fire Tonight Walkthrough – Levels 3 & 4

Stuck in Fire Tonight? Read our walkthrough guide to find out how to complete levels 3 and 4, including getting past the cops.

Fire Tonight Walkthrough Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Fire Tonight! This walkthrough guide covers completing levels, and it is not an achievement-oriented guide. For more information on Fire Tonight, check out the official website here.

Level 3

After you have control of Maya, run left from your car, towards the Blecker’s store. Rotate the camera to find a doorway in the building, next to the Blecker’s sign and go upstairs.

Take the ladder up again and you’ll find a key, which will be useful later.

Run back downstairs to street level and run towards the metro train bridge. Run parallel to the bridge to find a way onto the main street again.

Avoid the fire and go past the taxi to reach the park entrance. Wait for the cop to shine his torch away from your entrance, and then quickly run to the iron gate up the stairs. If you time it right, you won’t be caught.

Now wait for the cop to shine his flashlight back on the entrance where you came from, and run to the other entrance, near the train bridge.

Stop just past the entrance, or you’ll end up in the next cop’s flashlight. When that cop is shining his flashlight away from the bridge, quickly make a run towards the red sportscar.

Fire Tonight screenshot

On the street at a right angle from the sportscar, you’ll find a green bus. Look for an open doorway on a building near the bus.

Go upstairs and then take the ladder right next to the door. Here, you’ll find another glowing key nearby. Grab it.

Now we need to return to the park, so follow the same procedure as before, but in reverse. Wait for the cop near the sportscar to shine his light away from the park entrance, and run into the park. Then, wait for the cop inside the park to shine his light on the other park entrance, and run up to the iron gate inside the park.

At the gate, interact and use a key you previously acquired to unlock it.

Here, there’s another cop who alternates between shining his flashlight and staring at the ground. When he’s staring at the ground, run past him and onto the pedestrian bridge.

Fire Tonight screenshot

Past the bridge, there’s another locked door. Use your second key to unlock it. Enter the door.

On the other side of the door, rotate the camera to find Down in the Park Records, and approach the woman standing outside that store.

After acquiring your Walkman from her, you can now walk through certain walls of fire. Activate the walkman and make your way back to the park.

Fire Tonight walkthrough

If you ever run out of batteries, be sure to check garbage cans.

At the park, you can now go past the wall of fire that was blocking your way to the stairs. Up the stairs, you’ll find another cop. Wait for him to point his flashlight away from you, and then run behind the fountain. Make sure you’re aligned in such a way that the flashlight does not fall on you.

Now wait for him to shine his flashlight to where you just came from, and run up the iron stairs to reach the metro train.

Head into the train to end the level!

Level 4

As before, you have to examine the objects in the living room area before the window lights up and you can proceed onwards.

Be sure to check out the video game (you don’t need to actually play it), play all three cassettes in the stereo, examine the plant, and check the TV for the news.

There’s also other items you will have to check out before the window lights up. Interact with the window to proceed.

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