Fire Tonight Walkthrough – Levels 5 & 6

Stuck in Fire Tonight? Read our walkthrough guide to find out how to complete levels 5 and 6, including getting past the toll gates.

Fire Tonight Walkthrough Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Fire Tonight! This walkthrough guide covers completing levels, and it is not an achievement-oriented guide. For more information on Fire Tonight, check out the official website here.

Level 5

From the train, go all the way down to street level. Head into the toll booth and press the button there open the toll gate. Quickly pass through the gate before it closes.

Fire Tonight screenshot

Head to the double doors near the two cars to end up on the other side of the building.

Interact with the dumpster and move it, so that it’s aligned with the ladder on the truck. Now interact with the dumpster again and this time, climb on top.

Climb the two ladders and then grab the key on the roof.

Now return to street level and approach the second dumpster in the alley. Interact with it and move it so that it’s aligned with the chain-link fence.

Interact with the dumpster again to climb onto it and jump off the other side, into the other alley.

Fire Tonight screenshot

Here, DO NOT use your key on the gate ahead. Instead, just use the door between the gate and the garbage can. If you followed this instruction, follow Route A, below. If you used your key on the chain-link gate, skip down to Route B.

Route A:

This door takes you to the roof of the building. Activate your walkman and run through the fire.

Go down the ladder and then down another ladder to the side. After this, head to the “Getting Roller Skates” section below.

Route B:

After unlocking the chain-link gate, run past it and take a right-angle turn at where the woman is standing, watching the fire.

Enter the door near the toll booth, and on the building roof, use the ladder going down, near the billboard with the woman and the giant corn.

When you’re back down in the truck parking area, you’ll find another key near the plastic chair (and next to one of the green trucks). After this, proceed with the walkthrough below.

Getting Roller Skates

At the truck parking area, interact with the dumpster and move it so that it’s aligned with the ladder.

Now run to the toll booth in the corner and prepare for a speedy exit.

Activate the toll booth gate and quickly run back to the dumpster, climb it and go up the ladder. Immediately go through the door here (don’t climb up the second ladder), and this will take you back to street level. Run through the toll gate to reach the other side.

Fire Tonight screenshot

Now interact with the woman outside the “Roll With It” store and then interact with the double-doors to the store. Use your key to unlock it, and you’re done!

Level 6

As before, interact with the objects, this time the ones near the door.

Interact with the door first, and then the items around it. When you can proceed, the door will be interactive again, so use it to exit the level.

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