Hauma Walkthrough – Part 1 (Oktoberfest)

Hauma Walkthrough

Stuck in Hauma? Check out our Hauma walkthrough to find out how to investigate the strange goings-on at the Oktoberfest.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Hauma – A Detective Noir Story.

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Part 1 (Oktoberfest)

As you gain control, examine four things in the screen you’re in: the fallen chair, the crumpled piece of paper to its left, and the takeout box on the table, and the bottles on the table.

Hauma Walkthrough - Part 1 (Oktoberfest)

Now enter your mindboard and combine “Today’s Dinner?” and “Empty Beer Bottles”. Next, combine “Today’s Newspaper” with the newly obtained item “Usual Dinner…”. Then, combine “I’ve been a bit upset” with “Somebody broke my chair”. Finally, go on and combine “I was tossing objects” with “My phone is lost”.

Now go left to look at the other side of the apartment.

Hauma Walkthrough - Part 1 (Oktoberfest)

Examine the very thin black crack under the shelves to grab your phone.

After listening to the voice mail, examine the letter that just got slipped under the front door. On your mindboard, examine the envelope and then read the letter inside.

Exit the mindboard and examine the box on the bottom shelf and pick up the red journal inside. Open your mindboard and drag the letter with the riddle onto the journal.

Hauma Walkthrough - Part 1 (Oktoberfest)

Next, combine “Bavaria Statue” with the letter with the riddle. Exit the mindboard and then exit the apartment via the front door.

On the map of Munich, go to the Oktoberfest at the Wiesn.

Hauma Walkthrough - Part 1 (Oktoberfest)

Begin your investigation by going to the tent in the upper left of the screen (the Wolpertingerbräu Tent). Here, talk to JB and Doro and exhaust their dialogue.

Then, go through the door in the back of the tent (roughly in the center of the screen).

Hauma Walkthrough - Part 1 (Oktoberfest)

Here, pick up the key and examine the barrels on the right side of the screen. Then, head out of the tent.

Now, talk to the musician playing just next to the Bavaria Statue. Exhaust her dialogue as well.

Next, go inside the Bavaria Statue. Once inside, go up the spiral staircase and examine the notepad on the left side of the screen. Examine the notepad in your mindboard.

Hauma Walkthrough - Part 1 (Oktoberfest)

Look through the window in the upper-right of the screen. When you’re done looking, go back and exit the statue.

Return to the Wolpertringerbräu Tent and then enter your mindboard. Combine “Three Oktoberfest Tents” with the notepad. After this, talk to JB and ask him about the three tents.

Hauma Walkthrough - Part 1 (Oktoberfest)

Talk about all the tents and then exit the conversation. Then, talk to Dorothea and exhaust her conversation as well about the three tents and Joseph Schulein.

Enter your mindboard and combine Wolpertringerbräu Tent with the notepad. Next, combine the Lion with the Bavaria Statue.

Now re-enter the Bavaria Statue and use the ladder at the bottom-left of the screen. Then, access the lion’s head on the right side of the screen.

Hauma Walkthrough - Part 1 (Oktoberfest)

Access the mouth of the lion and Judith will comment on needing a key. Enter your mindboard.

Here, we’ve already picked up the key from the back room in the Wolpertingerbräu Tent, so interact with it. Press the buttons so that you get the following numbers on the key’s mechanism: 1923.

Hauma Walkthrough - Part 1 (Oktoberfest)

Exit the mindboard and access the mouth of the lion again.

After the segment that follows, enter your mindboard and interact with the cipher key so that Judith can determine what the bikers are looking for.

Next, use the ladder to get down.

Hauma Walkthrough - Part 1 (Oktoberfest)

When you get to the back room of the Wolpertingerbräu Tent, go back to your mindboard and combine the cipher key with the journal.

Now exit the mindboard and pick up the hammer that’s next to the barrels. Interact with the barrels and then the barrel on the upper-right.

Hauma Walkthrough - Part 1 (Oktoberfest)

After the next segment, exhaust the man’s dialogue options and then leave.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke