Psychonauts 2 Boss Guide – Die-Brarian

Stuck on the Die-Brarian boss fight in Psychonauts 2? Here’s how you can easily beat the librarian that’s out to get you.

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Die-Brarian is the final boss of Cassie’s Collection, in which you enter Cassie O’Pia’s mind. This is a very easy and straightforward boss where you have to beat down the enemies in the arena and then toss an object at Die-Brarian. Needless to say, the challenge is staying alive while you do all this.

Phase 1

Die-Brarian has several attacks. In the ‘Exploding B’ attack, she will emit to ‘letter B’s, which will home in in on you and explode on impact. The key here is to wait for them to get close enough and then dodge out of the way so that you’re out of the explosion area. Die-Brarian may also open the book Cassie wrote, Mindswarm, unleashing numerous other letters. These are, as the name of the book implies, a swarm, so steer clear of these.

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Cassie may also use a physical attack by sweeping the arena – for this, you’ll want to jump at the right moment.

Apart from these attacks, Die-Brarian will toss a gang of censors and other enemies at you. Your main goal is to beat these enemies, including any Enablers buffing Cassie. After the enemies are gone, one of Cassie’s identities will toss a pen into the arena. Use Telekinesis to grab this pen, lock on to Die-Brarian, and fling it at her.

Note that after clearing the enemies, DIe-Brarian may use a ‘Shush’ attack, which causes a gust of wind to drive you off of the area. Keep walking against the wind and shoot the pen as quickly as you can!

DIe-Brarian boss fight Psychonauts 2

Struck by the pen, Die-Brarian will collapse onto the arena. Create an aspect of yourself using the Archetype ability and send it to pull the lever inside of Die-Brarian’s mouth. This will complete the first phase of the fight.

Phase 2

In the second phase, you’re going to see pretty much the same pattern as before. One exception is that she may now use a ‘Falling Books’ attack, which causes books to slam down onto the arena. Keep an eye out for a shadow on the arena floor and get out of the way when a book is about to smash you.

As before, defeat the enemies and then wait for Cassie’s aspects to throw an object for you – this time, it’s a ruler. Shoot it at Die-Brarian and take her down. Then, like before, send your Archetype to open up Die-Brarian’s mouth to complete the second phase of the fight.

Phase 3

There’s no new attacks or elements in Phase 3.

Just go ahead and repeat the process from before, defeating enemies, throwing the needle, and sending your Archetype into Die-Brarian’s mouth. You’ll have this one done and dusted in no time.

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