Pupperazzi Guide – Buppy Boardwalk Objectives (Part 1)

Need help completing your objectives in Pupperazzi? Check out this guide for how to solve objectives in the Buppy Boardwalk area.

Pupperazzi Guide

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide for Pupperazzi! This guide will take you through fulfilling the objectives in the game.

We’ve arranged the guide by locations, while objectives that can span multiple locations have been put in their own sections. Remember to frequently post to dogNet and build your Follower count, as this is critical to finding new objectives and progressing in the game.

Also note that many elements of the game are randomised, such as which objectives are available to you, which ones are hidden behind the green envelope pick-up, which items can be found where, and where you might find the green envelopes.

For more information on Pupperazzi, check out the Steam page here!

Buppy Boardwalk Objectives (Part 1)

Sneak into the old arcade

The Arcade is located near where you start, to the right of the first vending machine in the area. To get inside, simply double-jump onto the upper floor (it has three colorful statues). Take a picture of the arcade from the inside to complete this objective. (This objective does not complete if you stand on the balcony area outside the Arcade sign – you have to be inside the arcade proper).

A dog in a hat

There’s plenty of dogs with hats on the boardwalk, so go on and take a picture of one. Dogs wearing bicycle helmets also count!

A dog on a motor scooter

Look for a dog on a motor scooter on the boardwalk. Dogs on scooters in this game will always have a safety helmet on, so don’t sweat the detail. Just take a picture and complete the objective.

Pupperazzi indie game screenshot

Get a photo of a humanorph

Humanorphs are the humanoid beings walking around Buppy Boardwalk. Just take a picture of any one of them to complete this.

Help clean up the skate park

Head to the Skate Park, which is located at the opposite end of the Buppy Boardwalk area from the end you started at. Pick up the bags of trash and toss them into a dumpster. There’s one at each skate park entrance. When you toss a bag in, it will disappear, so don’t be alarmed!

Once the Skate Park is free of garbage bags, take a picture of the clean Skate Park from within the skate park to complete this objective. Note that you need to completely clean the Skate Park for this objective to be completed – it will not be completed if you take a photo of a clean section of the Skate Park before fully cleaning it up.

Pupperazzi screenshot

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