Pupperazzi Guide – Photo Challenges

Need help completing your objectives in Pupperazzi? Check out this guide for how to solve the Photo Challenge objectives in the game.

Pupperazzi Guide

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide for Pupperazzi! This guide will take you through fulfilling the objectives in the game.

We’ve arranged the guide by locations, while objectives that can span multiple locations have been put in their own sections. Remember to frequently post to dogNet and build your Follower count, as this is critical to finding new objectives and progressing in the game.

Also note that many elements of the game are randomised, such as which objectives are available to you, which ones are hidden behind the green envelope pick-up, which items can be found where, and where you might find the green envelopes.

For more information on Pupperazzi, check out the Steam page here!

Photo Challenge Objectives

Photo Challenge: your favorite photo

This one is really simple. Take any photo whatsoever and use it to complete the objective.

Pupperazzi screenshot

Photo Challenge: Lens Adventure

For this challenge, you will need a special lens, such as the Fisheye lens. You can buy one from the vending machine shop for 12 bonks. If you don’t have that many yet, complete other objectives until you can buy it! You can also find stray bonks in the environments, usually in places that require jumping.

Then, just take any picture with the Fisheye lens and you’ll complete this. This objective does not seem to complete with the Basic Zoom lens, so the Fisheye lens is the way to go.

Pupperazzi indie game screenshot

Photo Challenge: Film Experiment 1

For this challenge, you must buy the Stylish Film Pack, which costs 6 Bonks. As before, you’ll have to complete objectives or find stray bonks.

After that, pick any film from the Stylish Film Pack when taking your photo (other film packs, such as the Black & White Film Pack will not count). The photo can be of anything.

Photo Challenge: No Dogs!

Very self-explanatory. Just take a picture that doesn’t have any dogs in it – it can even be of the ground or the sky.

Photo Challenge: Film Experiment 2

You’ll already own the Far Out Film pack when you get this objective, so switch to a film from it and take a picture of absolutely anything to complete this.

Note that possibly due to a bug, the ‘Arcade’ film does not fulfil this objective, despite it being a part of the Far Out Film pack.

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