Reveil Walkthrough – Chapter 4


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Check out our Reveil walkthrough on how to complete Chapter 4.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Reveil.

For more information on Reveil beyond this walkthrough, check out the official website here.

After watching the cutscene, pick up the flashlight from the altar in front of you. Walter will comment about the altar and that you need put something in it. Go up the stairs on the right, past the red table and turn right to see a notice board.

Go to the right of the board and you will see a couch and a green table. Keep going and you will see bells everywhere. Eventually, you will cross a bridge. You will see a table next.

Keep moving past the table and down the steps. You will come across a gas station now. Enter the gas station and pick up the Car Keys.

Next, pick up the termination letter on the right. Next to the cash register you will find a Mysterious Orb, pick it up.

Walk out of the gas station and you can retrace your steps back or the game will send you back to the altar you started at (spoiler). Place the mysterious orb on the altar.

Go up the steps on the left this time and follow the path. Bear right and you will see another bridge and near it you will find a bookcase, at the bottom pick up the Super Sloth Comic.

Cross the bridge and go left and you will see Zohan’s machine. Go past it, up the hill to find a wagon and other circus-related objects like tents and booths. Avoid the bells and head deeper in to find a big tent. Avoid the bells and enter the tent. On the right side of the room, you can pick up a Crossword Page. Check the newspaper that is on the table in the middle and to the right pick up the Mysterious Orb.

Reveil Walkthrough

Go to the left and down once you exit the tent. Move to the altar and place the second orb. Make your way back to the circus and go past the bells carefully. Eventually you will reach a few crates farther away from the main tent.

Reveil Walkthrough

Follow the fence that is on your left closely and turn around when it ends and head to the right and you will find steps leading up and a path leading down.

Reveil Walkthrough

Go up the steps for a flashback. Then turn back around and head down. You will see Dorie’s room on your left. Pick up the letter from Dorie on the left, on the bookcase. Pick up the 3rd orb from the bed.

Reveil Walkthrough

Head out of the room and go across the bridge carefully. Follow the path and eventually you will be back at the altar. Place the 3rd orb and get on the roller coaster that appears in front of you. Enjoy the ride.

This concludes our walkthrough of Reveil Chapter 4. You can find Chapter 5 here.

This Article was written by: Mahmud Munazil Rahman