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Check out our Reveil walkthrough on how to complete Chapter 1.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Reveil.

For more information on Reveil beyond this walkthrough, check out the official website here.


This is a small tutorial section. Follow the instructions on screen to end the section.

Wake up

You will wake up in the bedroom. While on the bed, turn around and you’ll see a bottle of pills. Pick it up and examine it to take a couple of pills.

 Leave the sleeping area and turn to the left and check the closet. Check the postcard on the left. Check the dresser for a wedding invitation to check the music box. You’ll see that the doll is missing. It’s right next to the music box. Pick it up, put the mix, put the dog in the music box and turn the key to take out the bedroom key.

On the left you’ll find the paper stuck to a painting. This is about a book review for a book club for a book called courier dressed in yellow by Edgar Paul. As you tried to exit the rule on the left, check the paper stuck to the door frame which is a to-do list and exit the room. Head straight to the telephone table and you’ll find a note that says days without calls.

Turn to the left and keep going into the living room. Look at the pictures on the dresser in the living room on the left. Open the first set of drawers and you will find the letter from Dorie’s school saying she has been absent during school hours. Keep to the left. Find the source of the music coming from the showcase on the opposite side and turn the music off. 

Check the document on the big coffee table in the middle of the room for another letter asking talking about Dorie’s school work.

On the left, with the media center where the big TV is – open the drawers, you’ll find a postcard on on the left side on top of a tape recorder.

Exit the living room and head downstairs to Dorie’s room. At the bottom of the stairs you’ll find a birthday invitation that Dorie and Martha cannot attend. If you turn around at the bottom of the stairs, you’ll find another postcard from Key West Florida and another birthday invitation that Dorie and Martha couldn’t attend. The door next to the stairs and the notice board is locked. Head towards Dorie’s room on the left and open the dryer under the TV and you will find a homework for Dorie and if you open the other dryer right next to it, there is nothing inside.

Dorie’s Room

Upon entering Dorie’s room, look to the left for costumes for the circus show. Pick up Dorie’s pencil case from the table on the left – for the fourth collectible in this chapter and check her homework on the same table. More homework at the bottom of the table if you open the drawers but nothing else of interest.

Next to the table is a contraption that races marbles and you need a coin to use the contraption.

Next to the contraption there is a map on the wall drawn by Dorie.

On the bed you’ll find Dorie’s sketchbook that is locked. You need to find the key for that as well.

Next to the bed is a creepy clown head rotate the camera around, go to the back and turn the key. Open the head, turn the camera around. Come to the front front again and you’ll see it’s missing some teeth. 

Moving to the right of the room, you’ll find a puzzle box.

Right next to it is a box inside which you will find the coin. On the table there are other homework and there is a comic book called super sloth inside the drawer. Take the coin and insert it into the marble racing contraption on the left and pull the handle on the side all the way down to release the marbles. Pick up one of the marbles and turn around and go to the puzzle box on the table. Insert the marble on the left side of the puzzle box and then use the controls to complete the puzzle. This will unlock a bunch of plastic teeth which you will take and move to the clown head. Insert the teeth in the bottom row of the clown head and push them down. Eventually the clown hat will pop off. You will find the giraffe head key on top of the clown head. No move to Dorie’s sketch book and unlock that with the key. After going to the sketchbook turn around and you’ll see an opening into a forest.

The Circus

Follow the path till you reach the circus.

Dorie will run off to the right, go to the left and investigate the tent on the left and you will pick up the Circus Blindfold.

Keep to the left inside the tent and you’ll find Zohan, which is a fortune telling contraption. It is not powered on. We will need to power it on by solving a simple puzzle on the right. On the power station, turn the switches in order – 4, 7, 2, 5, 3.

Zohan needs a token of appreciation to function. Next to the power source, you will find a packet of cigarettes which is another collectible. Go around the rest of the room for a workbench and Dorie’s homework table. Exit the tent after. Keep going till you reach a green cash register on the table, press the open button on the bottom and pick up the many coins. Go back to Zohan and insert the many coins for a cryptic message from the attraction. Go back out and there is an arcade machine with a motorcycle handle next to the fun house entrance.

Insert the many coins you received from the cash register and give it a shot. Once you get a thousand points, you will receive a token that allows you enter the fun house. Insert the token and pull the lever under to move the turnstile to enter the fun house. 


Follow the path through the fun house and pick up the clown collectible on one of the bookshelves on the right.

Keep following the path through the fun house till you reach the bridge.

Enter the room across the bridge and turn around and you will see the area behind you has changed. Exit into the chess room now. Turn back around and enter the hallway with the clouds wallpaper. Keep going into the maze like corridor to find another door. This door is painted on, so turn around and you will see an entrance into a room with cutouts of trees.  In the middle of the room you’ll find a toy train – interact with it, for it to start moving and end up on the right side corner of the room. Interact with it again to get it to start moving and follow it around the room. Eventually the door will appear, Go to the door. 

Follow the stairs down and through the Chinatown area. Enter the lift at the end and press the buttons. Exit the lift and go to the super creepy hallway and through the door at the end.

Keep walking and you will come to a corridor with many doors. All of these are locked and they will start slamming as the enter just exit to the door at the very end. The next room is a puzzle where you have to select the path from three doors. You will be shown a choice of the three doors – one with a circus light, one with an island light and one with a city light cast on the doors.  Enter to the one with circus tent light cast on the door.

And in the next room you will listen to another part of the story. And three names cast on the doors. Dorie is the right choice. Go to the door into the next room.

In the next room, three lights are cast with a happy mask, a sad mask and a mask broken down the middle. Go through the door with the broken mask.

Head down the long creepy stairway leading into the abyss. Turn around to look at the door that you came through and it will slam shut on your face and when you turn around a new path will have opened up. Follow the pathway and you’ll eventually end up inside what seems to be like a train cabin. Explore the train cabin for the door at the far end to open up. 

You will now enter the hall of mirrors. Explore this area. Trial and error is king here. Dorie will show up from time to time and try to freak you out. Eventually you find the pathway lit up by multiple lights.

You will enter a chamber and the door at the front is blocked by debris. Turn around and there should be there should be a narrow pathway that you can go through. Follow the path until you reach a door at the top of the stairs. In the next area we have another set of stairs, get climbing and playing the flashbacks. Eventually you’ll end up in front of a giant Zohan. After the cutscene, turn around and you will see a door. Head out the door. 

Strange Apartment

Go through the red door on the end and you’ll be inside an apartment that seems to have blown up and frozen in time. Head downstairs. Follow the sound of the ringing telephone booth to wake up back in your house.

This concludes our walkthrough of Reveil Chapter 1. You can find Chapter 2 here.

This Article was written by: Mahmud Munazil Rahman