The Invincible Walkthrough – Part 3

The Invincible Walkthrough - Table of Contents

  1. Part 1 (Establishing Location, Getting to Camp)
  2. Part 2 (The Camp, Landing Site, Finding Marit)
  3. Part 3 (Finding Koval, Activating Probe, Searching for Gorsky)
  4. Part 4 (Bushes, The City, Finding Gorsky)
  5. More parts coming soon!

Check out our walkthrough for The Invincible to find out how to find Koval’s location, activate the probe, and begin looking for Gorsky.

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Part 3

When you get the objective to locate Koval (after finding Marit), pull out your tracker and stand roughly near Marit’s feet. You should pick up a second signal here.

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 3

Follow the far signal on the tracker. To get to it, you must first backtrack to the slope that you climbed to get to Marit’s location. Then, continue climbing the slope up (that is to say, take a right at the screenshot below).

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 3

Approach Koval, who should be easily visible in his orange suit. Interact with him and then follow the on-screen prompts to inspect his status.

When Novik asks to investigate Koval’s journal, interact with the many pages scattered on Koval’s lap. On the third page, go over each of the steps he has noted down.

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 3

Pick up Koval and carry him all the way to the landing site. Enter the lander that’s just landed there, and put him in there.

Upon exiting the lander, you can choose to go back for Marit and bring her body back. You’ll have to return to Marit’s location, pick her up, and bring her body to the lander. Alternately, you can push for Gorsky and leave it to Androbot to take Marit back to the lander.

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 3

Once you’re ready to search for Gorsky, go through the path beyond the arches, roughly perpendicular to the path leading to the excavation site. On the map, this is to the northwest.

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 3

Here, proceed until you see a field flag in the distance. Interact with it to report it to Novik. Then, proceed forward.

As you make your way to the flag, you’ll pull out your tracker. Follow the signal on the tracker and when you get to the Probe, interact with it.

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 3

Once you’ve acquired the Probe’s slides, go through them and report back the points of interest to Novik as you do.

On the slide with the noise, note the figures to the left. Go one slide back and note the ELMG reading there as well. Then repeat this with the slide previous to it.

Go back to the slide with the ELMG reading “O381”. Yasna will then turn the probe on.

Once the probe is up and running (err, hovering), go down the ledges and name the probe. When you hit the ground, pull out your detector.

If you aim it at the ground, you’ll now see a thick vein of metal to follow. Follow this vein and note where it branches.

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 3

When Yasna opens her journal, note ‘Point 1’.

This guide will take you through each of the points Dr Gorsky has been, so that you get the most out of the game. If you’d like to make a beeline, take the path branching left and head straight to Point 4.

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 3

Otherwise, when you’re ready, follow the vein branching right to get to Point 2. Note the metal structure sticking out of the ground here.

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 3

Continue following the metal vein to Gorsky’s Point 3. This will take you to a pond. Note what’s here and continue through the pond.

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 3

Further on from the pond, you’ll find some footprints. Inspect them and continue on to climb up a ledge. From up here, you’ll be able to see Point 4, which is very high up and in the distance.

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 3

Continue through the pond ahead and then take a left to go uphill. You can also explore the area around Point 4 if you’d like to map out the whole place first. This way, you might approach Point 4 from the back.

Eventually, you’ll reach a lookout point from where you can see the Lander departing. From this point, go uphill towards the metal structures sticking out of the ground.

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 3

When you get to the summit, Yasna will pull out her journal again. Note Point 5 here, and then look in the distance to find the location Gorsky marked. Pull out your telemeter and adjust the distance on it so that you can clearly see the metal bushes in the distance.

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 3

It’s now time to follow Gorsky’s trail to the bushes, for which you’ll have to follow the path provided by the probe.

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