The Invincible Walkthrough – Part 1

The Invincible Walkthrough - Table of Contents

  1. Part 1 (Establishing Location, Getting to Camp)
  2. Part 2 (The Camp, Landing Site, Finding Marit)
  3. Part 3 (Finding Koval, Activating Probe, Searching for Gorsky)
  4. Part 4 (Bushes, The City, Finding Gorsky)
  5. More parts coming soon!

Check out our walkthrough for The Invincible to find out how to establish your location at the start of the game and make it to the camp.

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Part 1

Begin by following the on-screen controls to get up. Then, turn left and interact with your backpack.

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 1

Follow the on-screen prompts to inspect your backpack. After you’re done with the backpack, you’ll inspect your notebook. Go through it to understand where you are.

Once you’re done inspecting the camp area and the documented area, you will be tasked with finding your exact location. For this, first interact with one of the landmarks on the map, and then locate that landmark in the world around you.

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 1

You can see the landmarks in the screen below. They are, from left to right, ‘dog’, ‘needle’, and ‘crocco’. If you’ve selected the Crocco landmark on the map, then interact with the Crocco landmark to the right.

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 1

Do this one more time to pinpoint your location.

After you’ve established your location, you’ll be able to start walking. Go to the east according to the map. Walk roughly in the direction of the ‘Needle’.

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 1

Along the way, you might be able to inspect the water bodies in the canyon. Do so and also inspect the unknown liquid, which will trigger a memory of the past.

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 1

When you get to a certain distance from where you started, you’ll be able to pull out your tracker and check for your beacon.

Follow the tracker’s direction to find your beacon.

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 1

From the beacon’s location, turn towards the Crocco landmark and walk in that direction.

Take the path leading up into the cave area and proceed into the cave. Follow the ledge.

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 1

You’ll find two paths – one going up and one down. You can take either of the paths here, as they’ll lead to the same area.

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 1

Once you’re on the other side of the cave, pull out your telemeter and zoom into the distance at a prompt that will show you the location of the camp.

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 1

From the cave exit, look left for a path leading up into the rocks. Follow it and you’ll come across a gentle slope. Go down this slope.

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 1

At the bottom, start making your way towards the camp in the distance. Once the sandstorm intensifies, it doesn’t matter what you do as you’ll be swallowed up by the sandstorm.

Once you wake up, look at the camp again. When you get back to your feet, resume your march towards the camp. The camp will be high up, but keep going in its direction.

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 1

Climb up the rocks to get to a jagged, climbable wall. Interact with it and when you get to the top, you’ll trigger another memory.

The Invincible Walkthrough - Part 1

Once you’re done with the memory, continue to make your way toward the camp, which will now be your final leg to it.

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