Untitled Goose Game Walkthrough: Part 2 (High Street)

The goose is loose! Find out how you can get on TV, break a broom, trap people, and more in our walkthrough of Untitled Goose Game.

Our walkthrough series of Untitled Goose Game covers the game up to the end credits, and it tackles each to-do item independently. It’s recommended that you mess around with the game yourself, and only consult this guide if you’re stuck. For more information on Untitled Goose Game, check out its official website here.

Untitled Goose Game screenshot

Break the broom

The shopkeeper at the market will try to shoo you with her broom if she sees you. Wait for her to start shooing you, and then bend low to grab the end of the broom. Pull on it after grabbing it, and the end will come right off, breaking the broom.

Trap the Boy in the phone booth

The boy is scared of the goose, so start honking at him and he’ll be driven away. Angle your attack so that you drive him to the red phone booth on the top of the screen. He’ll enter the booth and close the door, getting trapped in.

Make the Boy wear the wrong glasses

First, steal the sunglasses while the shopkeeper isn’t looking. You’ll find them on a stand, next to the umbrellas. Grab them and drop them somewhere near the boy. Then, sneak up to the boy and bend low to undo his shoelaces. The boy, in turn will bend down to tie his shoes. Use the opportunity to steal his glasses. The boy will search for the glasses, so take his original glasses somewhere away, and put the sunglasses near him. The boy will put on the sunglasses.

Make someone buy back their own stuff

When the boy isn’t looking, steal his toy aeroplane and take it to the shopkeeper. When she starts to shoo you, let the plane drop, and she’ll put it in her shop. Now drive the boy towards the shop, and he’ll pick up the plane. The shopkeeper will force him to pay for it, completing this item.

Get on TV

After trapping the boy into the phone booth, he will call the lady in the TV shop. Once she rushes out to rescue the boy, sneak into the TV shop and press the red button by the window to enable the in-shop camera. Smile! You’re on the telly!

Go shopping

  • You’ll find the basket near the shop. Specifically, it’s to the right of the bench. Drag it away from the shop to safely put your shopping stuff into it. Be careful not to tip over the basket at any point, or you’ll have to right it and put everything back.
  • You’ll find the toothbrush inside the garbage can that’s near the post box, to the far right of the area. Drag the garbage can to make it drop.
  • You’ll find plenty of fruits and veggies in the shopkeeper’s shop. Grab whichever ones you fancy.
  • You’ll find the hairbrush in the centre of the shop, on a pedestal.
  • You’ll find the loo paper by the stack of loo paper, in the street shop.
  • You’ll find the cleaner next to the garbage can and empty bottle.
  • You’ll find the canned food on the shelves of the shop. The shelves can be found just behind the rake.

Trap the Shopkeeper in the garage

Steal something from the shopkeeper and take it into the garage. Drop it there, and let the shopkeeper take it. As she’s exiting the place, pull the garage door switch to trap her in the garage. Doing this will unlock the next area.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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