Starborne: Frontiers – Conquer the galaxy in this new sci-fi squad RPG

Starborne: Frontiers is an upcoming squad RPG in which you’ll explore the galaxy and recruit ships. Developer Solid Clouds tells us more.

It’s been almost half a year now since we at Solid Clouds first announced the development of Starborne: Frontiers. In the time since we’ve completed a playable version of the game and hosted a successful technical demo in December, which means it’s finally time to truly reveal all our work to the world!

Starborne: Frontiers is a Sci-fi “Squad RPG” for mobile and PC where you grow and command a fleet of pirates, militia, and misfits through a complex, stunning galaxy. It’s set in the same world as its RTS predecessor Sovereign Space, but with a whole new set of mechanics, goals, and characters for you to face off against. Enter the Spiral Expanse, a new corner of our galaxy recently opened up by advances in faster than light travel, and build yourself into a fleet commander to be reckoned with.

Frontiers has over 90 recruitable ships, all upgradable and crewed by a pilot with their own background and identity. Every ship has its own unique weapons and abilities, and using that to select the right placement for them on the field of battle makes all the difference between victory and defeat. Above all else we wanted to give our players a thrilling tactical experience. In Frontiers it’s not just the ships you have, it’s how you use them!

Once you’ve started making friends, you can take your fleet and your station and set off on a journey through a beautiful, engaging galaxy. Along the way you might bump heads with the various factions jockeying for power on the Frontier in our 10 chapter story campaign, or take on the tactical challenge of collecting bounties, or even face off against other players in the PvP arena to become the galaxy’s strongest commander.

Our hope is to give you your ticket to the edge of space and let you take it all in at your own pace, whatever that might be, with adjustable difficulty settings and plenty of achievements and lore to unlock.

And honestly, that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

In the coming months we hope that Frontiers will truly live up to its name as we work on introducing a number of other features: including a roguelike replay feature, community tournaments, alliance mechanics, and new features for your base. On top of that, with a galaxy as big as this there’s always more ships and pilots waiting in the wings for you to recruit to your cause and master using in combat.

Right now we’re finishing up region specific testing and polishing the technical aspects of the game, but you can expect Starborne: Frontiers to come to a device near you midyear 2022.

For more on Solid Clouds, check out their official website here.

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This Article was written by: Harry Cole

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