A Memoir Blue Walkthrough – Part 8 (Podium 2, Vault Door, Stage)

Stuck in A Memoir Blue? Check out this walkthrough to find out how to destroy the podium, open the vault door, and restore the stage.

A Memoir Blue Walkthrough – Table of Contents

Hello and welcome to the Into Indie Games guide for A Memoir Blue! This is a story-focused guide and does not cover achievement hunting. For more information on A Memoir Blue, check out its official website here.

Part 8 (Podium 2, Vault Door, Stage)

Next up, you reach another podium, this one a lot flatter. Grab the banner in the background and bring it down, then do the same with the boxy speakers on the upper-left and upper-right of the screen.

On our next screen, we reach a giant vault door. Grab the seaweed and drag it away to remove it from the door. Once the door is clear of seaweed, rotate the wheel in the center of the vault door until you open the door.

A Memoir Blue

Past the vault lies a stage that you have to restore. Here, take the lights lying on the stage and place them on the stands just above them – next to the already-installed light. Then, drag the covers off of the two speakers, one on the left side of the stage and one on the right. Once the speakers are uncovered, drag the electricity breaker upwards (it is located in the top-right of the screen). When the audience appears and raises smartphones, tap on the smartphones to take pictures and proceed to the next screen.

Back in the apartment, it’s time to break everything here. Interact with each of the items in the cupboard,  and the desk, then knock over the armchair. Once everything is sufficiently destroyed, the section continues.

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