Cookie Cutter Walkthrough – Part 3 – Bloody Den Part 2

Cookie Cutter Walkthrough - Table of Contents

  1. Part 1 – Denzel Factory
  2. Part 2 – Bloody Den Part 1
  3. Part 3 – Bloody Den Part 2
  4. Part 4 – Bloody Den Part 3
  5. Part 5 – E.T Foundry Part 1
  6. Part 6 – E.T Foundry Part 2
  7. Part 7 – Pneuma Chambers
  8. Part 8 - The Electro Titanium Gates

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After getting the elevator keycard from Poppah, jump up the ledge on the right of Poppah. Head up the ramp and into the toilet to find a Slimy Skin. Go past Poppah and drop down to find two spheres and a locked path. Head to the left and get on the upgrade platform to receive Void Hand.

Go to the right and use Void Hand’s directional push to throw the Sphere into the Holder on top.

For the next sphere, Void hand it once and then jump up and void hand it again to fit it into the holder. This will open the next door.

Exit the room and head to the right past the checkpoint and head up the stairs, till you reach the sphere at the end. Void Hand it in to the holder and jump the trampoline that opens up. On the top-level head to the left to find a Terminal. Kick the wall past the terminal to find a chest. Exit the room and stay on this level, going to the right. Jump up the ramp once you reach the junction.

On top go to the right and you will find another holder but no sphere. Drop down and head right till you reach another Sphere/Holder lock. The sphere is on an upper platform, knock it down and Void Hand it into the holder.

Go through the unlocked door to find yourself in a room with multiple chainsaws. Make your way around the room, avoiding damage as much as possible and drop down at the right end. Use the trampoline to get to the checkpoint and drop down the platform to the next area. Take the enemies out in the next area and kick the lever to activate the moving platform, which you can use to pick up a chest on the left. After that head to the right, drop down and make your way to the location in the map below. The path in Poppah’s room that we did not take before leads you here. Use the keycard to unlock the door.

Take the elevator back up and head back to the top. At the top use the elevator to exit the Bloody Den and enter ET Foundry.

Jump on top of the elevator in the new area and go to the right to find a chest. As it stands, we can’t go any further in the ET foundry. So head back down and exit through the door we opened with the keycard. Drop down and head right on the ramp.   

Go past the mutated dude and kill the enemies in the next room, past the door. Keep going to the right and up and you will see another Sphere/Holder lock combination. The sphere is on the right of the room, Void Hand it to the holder and take the moving platform up. Go to the left to pick up the Suck Me Dry component.

Go to the right and drop down, past the checkpoint. In the next room, avoid the mosquito attack as soon as you drop in. Avoid all the enemies and drop to the bottom floor in this room and exit through the door on the bottom right.

In the next room, take out the enemies and jump up the trampoline and head to the right through the chainsaw corridor. In the next room, jump over the chainsaws and drop down at the far right end.  Your location should be here on the map.

Kill the giant phallic enemy here. Drop down the platform and on the right is a door that cannot be unlocked. So check the left side, to find a Memorial Plaque. Jump up the platforms on top of the Memorial to find a Void Enhancer component.

Drop back down and head up using the trampoline and go to the right and exit the room. Make your way to this location on the map.

You will find another Sphere/Holder lock. Void Hand the sphere to unlock the door. In the next room use the trampoline to go up and around to the other side, taking out enemies as you go along. Keep going till you reach a room with rolling buzzsaw blades.

Cookie Cutter Walkthrough

Make your way up through here and you will face another enemy on top. Kill it and move to the right. In the next room, use the checkpoint and the Denzel Station if you want to upgrade/equip any component. Go to the right and drop down to the bottom to the location on the map below.

Cookie Cutter Walkthrough

Head to the right, jump on the moving platform, and kill the enemies on your way. Activate the checkpoint and exit through the door. In the next room, head to the right and drop down at the end.

Cookie Cutter Walkthrough

Make your way down and you will find another Sphere/Holder combination but no Sphere. Drop down the platforms in the middle. The Sphere is at the bottom next to an Electro Titanium door.

Cookie Cutter Walkthrough

Void Hand it up the platforms, avoiding the moving buzzsaws. Put it into the holder to open the door. Drop down in the next room to receive the Air Dash upgrade.

Cookie Cutter Walkthrough

Test it out on the laser in the middle of the room and exit the room.

This concludes Part 3 of our walkthrough for Cookie Cutter. You can find Part 4 here!

This Article was written by: Mahmud Munazil Rahman