Cookie Cutter Walkthrough – Part 8 – The Electro Titanium Gates

Cookie Cutter Walkthrough - Table of Contents

  1. Part 1 – Denzel Factory
  2. Part 2 – Bloody Den Part 1
  3. Part 3 – Bloody Den Part 2
  4. Part 4 – Bloody Den Part 3
  5. Part 5 – E.T Foundry Part 1
  6. Part 6 – E.T Foundry Part 2
  7. Part 7 – Pneuma Chambers
  8. Part 8 - The Electro Titanium Gates

Welcome to Into Indie Games walkthrough for Cookie Cutter. If you want to find out more about the game, please go here.

Back in ET Foundry, we can see our destination is on the middle of the map.

So, make your way over there – it is pretty much a straight shot. Give the Headless Denzel the head and he will give you The Educator.

At this point before advancing the story, you can go visit Althea at the bottom of the map and give her the Label to unlock a memory.

Otherwise, exit through the door beyond the headless denzel. In the next room, jump across the gap and drop down and exit through the door – without dropping down any further. In the next room, jump across the gap and on to the ledge on the other side and through for a secret room.

Feed the machine 4 enemies to unlock the door to find a chest with the Healing Shield component.

After that drop down and make you way to this Electro Titanium door on the map.

Use The Educator to open the door. Head to the right in the next room and use the lever at the end to ride the elevator down to the Crystal Pits. Jump off the elevator and pick up the chest on the left and head right. Before going further, we should check all the doors behind Electro Titanium locks. Teleport to the Pneuma Chambers.  There is a locked door right below.

A cutscene will trigger once you enter the room. After which you will be involved in a boss fight with two Dickheads.

As the names suggest, Macer pummels in melee attacks with his mace and Shooter shoots his laser gun. Macer has three attacks – a one hit swing, an attack where he generates two boulders and a three hit combo.  Shooter does a charged up attack at mid level and low level as well as hitting that shot diagonally in the air. Once they are both dead, go to the room on the left for your loot. In the next room, you will find the DKHED HEARTHCORE.

Drop down and exit the area – and make your way to this location on the map.

Inside you will find the Void Wave upgrade, locked behind a door with a Sphere holder lock.

After this, make your way to this location on the map with another Electro Titanium locked door.

Break open the door and go inside. You will find a Motorbike Fuel Tank. Get to the Denzel station nearby and teleport to E.T Foundry Trash room.

Go to the left and drop down and head to the left for another locked door. Use The Educator on this door as well. Pick up the chest inside. Make your way to this next location on the map.

Break open the door and head inside. Make your way to the left and turn around at the end and head up and to the right for the Motorbike Engine. Exit the area and make your way to the nearest Denzel Station. Teleport to the Bloody Den: Central teleport point. After that, make your way to this location on the map.

Break the door down and head in and you will trigger a gauntlet. Clear the gauntlet and drop down the opening. At the end while going down the elevator enter the location in the picture below for two chests.

Drop the down the elevator and head left – the right side path leads back to the Crystal Pits. Another gauntlet. Take care of all the enemies that spawn and exit the room through the door that opens up. Keep going left. You will hit a fork in the road, up or down. Go up as the lower path leads to Bastardville, which is a new area we can’t advance far currently.

Eventually you will reach a room with a Sphere Holder lock, use the sphere to unlock the first gate. Take the other sphere up via the elevator and across the platforms and then up again. On to the left side now and fit it in the holder to unlock the second gate to find two chests and door connecting back to the main part of the map.

This concludes Part 8 of our walkthrough for Cookie Cutter. You can find Part 9 here! (Coming Soon)

This Article was written by: Mahmud Munazil Rahman