Cookie Cutter Walkthrough – Part 4 – Bloody Den Part 3

Cookie Cutter Walkthrough - Table of Contents

  1. Part 1 – Denzel Factory
  2. Part 2 – Bloody Den Part 1
  3. Part 3 – Bloody Den Part 2
  4. Part 4 – Bloody Den Part 3
  5. Part 5 – E.T Foundry Part 1
  6. Part 6 – E.T Foundry Part 2
  7. Part 7 – Pneuma Chambers
  8. Part 8 - The Electro Titanium Gates

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After getting the Air Dash, exit the room through the door on the top left. Jump across the gap in the next room and jump up to the upper platform and use the trampoline at the end to get higher. Move to the left and up here. Take out the enemies here and keep moving right now. Jump up and move to the right to take out the enemy and pick up the chest. Now move to the right and use the moving platform to gain more height.

Take the next moving platform and go up. At the top kick the lever and move to the left. Ignore the trampoline in the middle for now and exit through the left door. In the next room, jump up to the higher platform and head up. In the next area, head left and use the trampoline to go up.

Go to the left at the top and exit the room on the left. Avoid the buzzsaws and kill the enemy before exiting this room. In the next room, drop down the moving platform and go to the left. Kill the enemy here and enter this door here for a chest.

Drop down, hit the checkpoint and head to the left. In the next room there will be a gauntlet. Clear it and exit through the door at the bottom right. In the next room head to the right, killing the enemies that you come across and exit. In the next room, you will find the Medic component.

Go to the right and go up. There is another phallic guy on top in the next area. Kill him and get the chest on top. Then kick the lever to unlock the door to exit this room. In the next room go to the right and exit this room. Keep moving right, till you find the trampoline to go up. Check the map below for your location.

Cookie Cutter Walkthrough

Once you get up kill the enemies here and keep moving up. Get on the moving platform on top and then air dash over to the exit. In the next area drop down and head up the ramp to exit this room.

Cookie Cutter Walkthrough

In the next room you will find the Lyrics Book for Jacko.

Cookie Cutter Walkthrough

After that, exit the room and make your way to this location on the map.

Cookie Cutter Walkthrough

Kill the enemies in this room and use the trampoline to get up on the moving platform. Jump off on the right side to exit the room. In the next room, double jump and air dash to avoid the laser. Drop down and exit the room. There will be a boss fight in this room. The Lost Guardian.

Cookie Cutter Walkthrough

He does a mid level swing with the sword and an overhead swing immediately. He also rushes you with a swing. He jumps up and swings down hard as well. He winds up and does an upward slash that ends a crescent swing on the top of the arc of his jump. This is a hard boss fight, took me a few tries. Just dodge and get his timing down and he should go down. Exit the room and kick the lever on the elevator to exit this area and enter E.T. Foundry. You should get some text and the quest updates to “Investigate the Anomaly.”

Cookie Cutter Walkthrough

This concludes Part 4 of our walkthrough for Cookie Cutter. You can find Part 5 here!

This Article was written by: Mahmud Munazil Rahman