Fort Solis Walkthrough – Chapter 4

Fort Solis Walkthrough

  1. Chapter 1: Dark Descent
  2. Chapter 2: Let There Be Light
  3. Chapter 3: Midnight Run
  4. Chapter 4: Forlorn

Stuck in Fort Solis? Check out our Fort Solis walkthrough to learn how to complete the fourth chapter of the game.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Fort Solis. This is a story-oriented guide, so we recommend exploring the game by yourself first and only using the guide when you’re stuck!

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Chapter 4: Fort Solis

Go straight ahead to enter the Greenhouse.

Fort Solis Walkthrough - Chapter 4

Continue past a few more doors to reach the stairwell. Go up the stairs and then go through the door on the first landing you end up on, which is the B1 Level.

Then go straight for the door marked ‘Office’.

Fort Solis Walkthrough - Chapter 4

In the office, interact with the i5 Cell on a table to the left side. Head out of the office, and return to the stairwell.

Fort Solis Walkthrough - Chapter 4

Go up the stairs to the A0 level. Use the i5 Cell on the door here and then proceed through. Go straight ahead after this and when you get into the rainforest greenhouse, go straight ahead towards the locked Airlock.

Take a right from the airlock and go past the storage enclosure.

Fort Solis Walkthrough - Chapter 4

Take a right towards the elevator and enter the elevator. Interact with the elevator’s control panel and go to the Catwalk on Level 3.

Fort Solis Walkthrough - Chapter 4

Exit the elevator when you arrive and go over the catwalk to the next elevator. Use this elevator to go to Ground level.

When you arrive, exit the elevator and proceed along the path for a sequence. Upon regaining control, continue down the path and go to the area bathed in red light.

Fort Solis Walkthrough - Chapter 4

This begins a lengthy sequence. On regaining control, go forwards toward the airlock.

After the next sequence, proceed straight ahead into the vehicle hangar. Now you’ll have the final sequence of the game.

Thank you for following the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Fort Solis! We hope you had a great time!

This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke