Half Past Fate Story Walkthrough – Chapter 4

Stuck in Half Past Fate? Find out how to learn where Ana’s receipt is from by investigating the Japanese writing and the logo in Chapter 4.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Half Past Fate!

As this is an adventure game, we recommend you explore the area, talk to all the characters, and inspect and use all the objects you can. If you’re still stuck, find out how to solve the main puzzles in the walkthrough below.

Note that this is a story-oriented guide, not an achievement guide. Half Past Fate has plenty of achievements for minor actions, so go ahead and explore!

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Chapter 4 – 7 Days Ago

For this chapter, you need to figure out what the Japanese writing on the receipt says, as well as what the logo on it is.

For the Japanese writing, head out of GamerForge and go to the right, where you’ll find a white-haired man sitting alone on a bench, just to the south of a tree.

Talk to this man and then show him your receipt. To get reading glasses for him, go south onto the street, where you’ll find a woman wearing glasses and a blue hoodie. Ask to borrow her glasses and you’ll learn that she’s looking for a GamerForge receipt herself.

To get the receipt, go all the way to the left of the screen until you find the store named ElectriCity. Check out the trash bin right outside the store and you’ll find the receipt there.

Return to GamerForge and show Oscar (the man behind the counter) your newly-found GamerForge receipt. Once you get the game box, give it to the woman in the blue hoodie.

Go back to the old man on the bench and give him the reading glasses. Once he has the glasses, give him Ana’s receipt.

With this, you’ll learn what the receipt is for, but you still need to find out where it’s from.

Half Past Fate screenshot

To figure out the logo on the receipt, first go to the south-east of the screen, where you’ll find a big blue van with the same logo as on the receipt. Examine the logo on the van.

Next, talk to the guy in the cap standing to the back of the van, by a cardboard box. Ask him about the logo and then show him the receipt. This will give you a lead, but you need to help the trucker to learn more.

To get a dolly for the trucker, go all the way to the left of the street until you find the store named ElectriCity. Enter it and talk to the Help Desk guy, just to the south of the door with the sign “Nerd Force” above it. Ask him for a dolly.

For the Help Desk guy to actually help you, you need to get him lunch. Leave the store and go to the green Taco Truck to the north-east of the screen.

Talk to the owner of the truck and you’ll become Order Taker Jaren. Talk to the three people standing front of the truck and get their orders. These are the orders, in case you don’t want to write them down: Huevos Rancheros, Tuesday Special, Enchilada Plate (no beans).

Half Past Fate screenshot

Answer with this and you will get the lunch for the Help Desk guy. Return to the Help Desk guy at ElectriCity to get your dolly.

However, the game can proceed even if you answer incorrectly at the Taco Truck. If you answer incorrectly, return to the Help Desk guy and talk to him. He will ask you to man the Help Desk for a bit. After the conversations that follow, you’ll get the dolly anyway.

Return to the trucker with your dolly and give it to him.

If you have found out what the Japanese writing on the receipt says, the trucker will find the appropriate shop. If not, do the task earlier in this walkthrough and return to the trucker once you know it’s a ramen shop receipt.

Once you learn which exact ramen shop the receipt is from, the chapter will end.

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