Half Past Fate Story Walkthrough – Chapters 10 & 11

Stuck in Half Past Fate? Find out how to unpack your boxes in Chapter 10, and how to kill time and change a flat tire in Chapter 11.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Half Past Fate!

As this is an adventure game, we recommend you explore the area, talk to all the characters, and inspect and use all the objects you can. If you’re still stuck, find out how to solve the main puzzles in the walkthrough below.

Note that this is a story-oriented guide, not an achievement guide. Half Past Fate has plenty of achievements for minor actions, so go ahead and explore!

For more information on Half Past Fate, check out the developer’s official website here.

Chapter 10 – 2 Hours Ago

In this chapter, your objective is to unpack Milo’s boxes, which are in the attic.

Head on over to the attic entrance, which is at the end of the corridor with the potted plants, a little to the left of Milo’s room. Interact with the attic entrance and Milo will comment that he needs another ladder to get up there.

Head out of the house and into the yard to the right of the house. Grab the ladder. Return to the attic entrance and use the ladder from your inventory to finally be able to go up. Interact with the ladder to go up.

Next, Milo needs to figure out which boxes are his.

Head all the way downstairs and talk to Taylor in the kitchen. Ask her about the college boxes, and she’ll tell you that hers are the boxes from U-Go.

Next, talk to Jodie in the laundry room (up from where the stairs are) and ask her about the college boxes.

Finally, talk to Lars in the living room and ask him about the college boxes.

Once you have talked to all three of them, go back up to the attic and examine the boxes to the left of the attic. Milo will find the box he needs.

Next, go to the box marked ‘STACIE’, which is just to the right of the attic ladder, and interact with it. You will need a garbage bag to unpack this one, so go back down to the kitchen. You’ll find the garbage bag at the sink, which is just to the north of where Taylor is standing.

Half Past Fate screenshot

Return to the Stacie box in the attic and use the garbage bag from your inventory with it. Next, head on down the attic after Milo finishes interacting with the box.

Head on over to Milo’s room and interact with the picture on Milo’s bookshelf. Once Milo has the picture, head downstairs and meet Bia outside the house. This will conclude the chapter.

Chapter 11 – 10 Hours Ago

Start by heading up into the office building and approaching the front desk. After the cutscene that follows, Jaren will head back out.

Your objective in this chapter is to kill time until you can meet Ana.

Half Past Fate screenshot

Talk to the man in the brown jacket standing to the south of the office building. He says he has lost his wallet, and Detective Jaren will jump into action.

To find the wallet, head right and look just to the north-west of the parked blue car. It’s next to some cactus.

Interact with the wallet to pick it up, and then examine it in your inventory. Return to the brown-jacket man and give it to him from your inventory.

For your next mystery, head to the left and you’ll find a blue-haired ‘hipster boi’ standing next to a garbage can. They will ask you where GamerForge is located. Answer as you wish, and they’ll be on their way, which will kill some time again.

Head back to where you had found the brown-jacketed man, and you’ll encounter a car with a flat tire parking where the blue car originally was.

Head on over to the car and talk to Milo. After talking to him, head on over to the back of the car and open the trunk.

Half Past Fate screenshot

To get the tools you need, head into the alley to the right of the cars, where you’ll find a familiar man in a white shirt playing on his phone. Talk to him and ask to borrow his tools. After talking to him, use your phone (from your inventory) on him.

After you have the tools, examine the flat tire in Milo’s car (the tire to the front of the car), and Jaren will comment that he needs a wedge of some sort.

Go back to the office building entrance and go left, past the two women chatting at the table. You’ll find a conspicuous wedge-shaped rock next to some cactus. Head over to the rocks and interact with them.

Return to Milo’s car and put use the wedge-shaped rocks from your inventory on the rear wheel of the car.

Now go back to the front wheel of the car. Use the lug wrench from your inventory on the wheel. Use the lug wrench one more time after you get the hub cap. Now use the jack to raise the car.

Use the lug wrench one more time to get the lug nuts. Now interact with the tire to take the flat off. Go to the trunk of Milo’s car and interact with it to replace the tires. Return to the front wheel and interact with it to put the tire in place.

Now use the lug nuts from your inventory on the tire. Interact with the jack to lower the car a bit. Use the lug wrench on the tire, and then interact with the jack again to lower it completely.

Finally, use the hub cap from your inventory on the wheel and interact with the rear wheel to take the wedges off.

After Milo drives off, return to Andy’s car trunk and use the lug wrench and jack from your inventory to put them back in.

With the tools back in place, return to the office building entrance to conclude the chapter.

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