Half Past Fate Story Walkthrough – Chapters 8 & 9

Stuck in Half Past Fate? Find out how to get everyone to pose for the group photo in Chapter 8, and how to get to your date in Chapter 9.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Half Past Fate!

As this is an adventure game, we recommend you explore the area, talk to all the characters, and inspect and use all the objects you can. If you’re still stuck, find out how to solve the main puzzles in the walkthrough below.

Note that this is a story-oriented guide, not an achievement guide. Half Past Fate has plenty of achievements for minor actions, so go ahead and explore!

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Chapter 8 – 2 Years Ago

In this chapter, your objective is to get everyone from your original group in the yard for a group photo. Specifically, you need to convince Taylor, Lars, and a couple: Jodie and Charlotte. You can do these three objectives in any order.

For Taylor, go to the living room (to the upper-right door of where Milo is standing), and talk to the woman wearing the red jacket. During the conversation, ask Taylor to pose for the photo.

After this, go back to Milo and ask him where the documentary is. Then go upstairs using the stairs to the left of where Milo is, and go right to enter the only openable door on the upper floor. This is Milo’s room.

Examine the desk to find the documentary you need. Go back down to the living room and over to the TV. Use the documentary from your inventory with the TV. Now talk to Taylor and she’ll head out.

For Lars, go out into the yard and talk to the man in the green shirt manning the barbeque. Lars has misplaced his phone.

To find it, first go talk to Matt, i.e. Bia’s boyfriend. He’s wearing a sky-blue open shirt and standing to the left of the food table. Ask to borrow his phone.

With Matt’s phone in your inventory, go back indoors and towards Milo. Go north from Milo is standing to enter the laundry room. Examine the laundry basket here (you’ll hear beeping coming from it) and you’ll get Lars’ phone. Return the phone to Lars at the barbeque (it’s the yellow phone!).

Half Past Fate screenshot

For Jodie and Charlotte, go upstairs and use the balcony door to find that it’s locked. You need to find another way into the balcony.

Go downstairs and out of the house the way you came in originally. Go left from here towards the closed garage, and enter the little nook to the right of the garage. If you go in fully, the camera will move up and put Bia at the bottom of the screen. You’ll also be able to interact with the wall here, so do that and Bia will remark that she needs a ladder.

Go back upstairs and then go north from the stairs. In the corridor with the potted plants, you’ll find a ladder going up to the attic. Interact with the ladder to grab it.

Go back to the nook you interacted with before, and use the ladder from your inventory. Interact with the ladder to go up and then talk to the girls.

After the conversation, go back downstairs using the ladder.

Once you have convinced Taylor, Lars, and Jodie and Charlotte, go back to Milo and talk to him. Bia will tell him that everyone’s ready. Head out and into the yard now to finish.

Chapter 9 – 2 Hours Ago

Your objective in this chapter is to approach your date without getting spotted by Mara. To do this, you will need to disguise yourself with sunglasses, a hat, and a beard – in that order.

Half Past Fate screenshot

First, to get the sunglasses, go to the upper-right corner of the screen, where you’ll find a blue-haired man sitting alone. Talk to him and ask him about his son.

With the son’s photo in hand, go to the lower-left of the screen, where you’ll find another blue-haired man wearing a leather jacket and sitting alone. He’s wearing sunglasses. Talk to him and then offer to buy him a drink.

Head over to the bearded bartender at the bar, and talk to him to order a drink. You can order any drink (although you get an achievement for buying him a Whiskey, as the drifter wants something strong).

Half Past Fate screenshot

Return to the cool drifter and offer him whatever drink you bought from the bartender. After the conversation, show him the photo you got from the elder gentleman. He should be more receptive to you now, and Rinden will take him to meet his dad. This will net you the sunglasses you need.

Once you get the sunglasses, you can approach your date just a little closer. This is close enough to talk to the woman in the orange dress who is sitting alone at a table just to the left of the bar. Talk to her.

After the conversation, go over to the bar and talk to the man wearing the hat, glasses, and blue shirt. After talking to him once, talk to him again and this time, introduce him to the teacher.

Now that you have the hat, you can get even closer to your date, but still not close enough.

With the hat, talk to the bartender. Next, go along the left aisle of the dining area (you should be able to go further now that you have the hat) and talk to the blonde woman in the orange top, who is sitting alone at a table. After talking to her, talk to her again and ask for an energy drink.

Next, head back to the bartender and use the T-Time drink from your inventory. Once you get the drink from him, go back to the man in the blue shirt (the one you got the hat from) and offer him the drink from your inventory.

Half Past Fate screenshot

Return to the Bartender and you’ll get your beard.

With the beard, head towards the fireplace to the north of the dining area and talk to Bia to finish the chapter.

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