Mutropolis Walkthrough – Act 2 (Totel’s Office, Getting the Mojito)

Stuck in Mutropolis? This walkthrough will guide you through making tea for Carlata and acquiring the mojito in Act 2 of the game.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Mutropolis! As this is an adventure game, we encourage you to explore the game on your own at first. Examine and interact with every object, talk to every character, and if you still can’t seem to progress, feel free to consult this solution guide.

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Act 2 – Totel is the Key

It’s time to check out Totel’s office. You’ll start off this act in the main corridor of the 2nd floor of the university. You can re-enter the door you came from if you wish to talk to Luc, Micro, or Cobra, but to proceed, head through the door in the centre of the corridor screen.

Totel’s door won’t open, so talk to Carlata to get the door open.

There’s a lot to investigate here, so feel free to examine everything you can.

Mutropolis screenshot

To proceed, examine the plant on Totel’s desk (Fornimula Alcolohide), and you’ll find it a bit tetchy. Head out and talk to Carlata and mention the plant to her. As you’ll learn from her, it needs to be watered – but this plant specifically drinks only alcohol.

There is alcohol on Carlata’s desk (Mojito), but she isn’t ready to part with it. You’ll need to find her another drink that can calm her nerves.

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In Totel’s office, examine the shelving to the lower-right and then examine the green book (Plants & Flowers). Turn the pages of the book twice, until you get to a red page with a Linden Blossom on it. Examine this page.

Mutropolis screenshot

Your new goal is to make Linden Blossom Tea, which requires a Linden flower and hot water.

Return to the Lab (the door to the right of the corridor). Henry will report on his findings.

After the conversation, use the Samples behind where Luc is sitting (below the window).

Now for the hot water, head to Cobra and use the water bottle on her desk (it’s labelled ‘Jar’). You’ll have to get something to hold the water in. Exit the Lab and return to the Main Corridor.

In the lower-right corner of the main corridor screen, you’ll find some plants sitting on a dark shelf. Interact with them.

Re-enter Carlata’s office and use your newly-acquired Martian plant on the floating globe of Mars to the left of where Carlata is sitting.

Mutropolis screenshot

Back at the Lab, use your empty pot with Cobra’s water bottle to get some water in a pot. Now we only need heat it up.

Head to the Thermal Regulator in the lab (a white-and-blue machine located between Luc and Micro). Use it and then put the pot of water on the clamp.

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Now you need to find something hot that will raise the water’s temperature.

The Martian chilli you planted in Carlata’s office will do nicely, but if you try to use it directly, you’ll just end up burning your hands. So instead, go to the very right of the Lab screen and pick up one of the lab coats to the right of where Cobra is sitting.

Mutropolis screenshot

Now use the lab coat with the Martian chilli in Carlata’s office to acquire the chilli. Return to the Thermal Regulator and place the chilli pepper in the thermal regulator.

Pick up the hot water and exit the thermal regulator screen.

Now use the Linden flower on the hot pot to create the tea you needed.

Back in Carlata’s office, hand her the Linden Blossom tea. You can now pick up the mojito. Head into Totel’s office and use the mojito with the plant on the desk.

Examine the hidden note that appears on the desk and then use it to grab it. In the inventory, use the note to separate the paperclip and learn what’s on the note.

Return to Luc in the Lab and use the note on Luc.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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