Intruder in Antiquonia Walkthrough – Day 3, Part 1 (Medical Center)

Stuck in Intruder in Antiquonia? Find out how to gain access to the medical center lab by acquiring the key, key card, and batteries.

Intruder in Antiquonia – Into Indie Games Walkthrough

Welcome to the Into Indie Games Walkthrough for Intruder in Antiquonia! As this is a point-and-click adventure game, we recommend examining every object and exhausting every dialog option as you play the game. If you are stuck, read the guide below!

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Day 3, Part 1 (Medical Center)

Begin by heading out of the guesthouse and use your map to go to the medical center (southernmost diagram on the map).

Talk to Karim, who is helpfully already present there.

Intruder in Antiquonia

After the conversation, examine the art on the reception desk, of the girl watering the key plant. Also examine the plant near the entrance door, and you’ll find that it does need some watering.

Use your map to go to the convent and talk to Samuel.

Talk to him and Sarah will mention the plant in the medical center. Grab the watering can near Samuel and go to the town square.

There’s a fountain just to the right of Claudia’s store. Use your watering can on it to get it filled.

Return to the medical enter and use the filled watering can on the plant near the entrance. After it’s watered, you’ll get a key from it (thanks, plant!).

Use your key on the blue filing cabinet behind the reception desk. This will get you a key card, which you can use on the key card reader by the red door. Head on into the lab.

Intruder in Antiquonia screenshot

Examine the radio to the far right. Turns out it needs batteries, so use your screwdriver on the weighing scale to the far left of the screen (just left of the door).

Use the batteries on the radio and then examine it again to adjust it the frequency.

A cutscene follows.

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