Somerville Walkthrough – Part 10

Stuck in Somerville? This guide covers Chapter 5 from the sound area through sneaking through the shadows of the purple light.\

Somerville Walkthrough Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide to Somerville! This guide was created with the PC version, but uses universally-recognizable controls, so you can follow it regardless of which platform you’re playing on!

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Part 10

Chapter 5 (Contd.)

In the sound area, go into the big tent and follow the red cable to the very end to find and pick up the battery charge jumpers. Take them to the front of the big red-and-white van and plug them into its battery by interacting with it.

Go to the power generator (it has a bright red light on it) and hold right to give it a pull. Do this three times to get the generator started. Then, while holding the power generator, press the power button to charge it with your mysterious blue energy.

The way ahead is now clear, so proceed left and then forwards.

Head down into the lake when the purple light comes on. Now proceed forwards in the shadowed part of the light – i.e. not in the bright portion of where the light is shining.

Continue onto the car, using it as a ramp to cross the obstacle, and then very quickly make your way to the portable toilet to avoid being seen by the light.

Somerville screenshot

Wait inside the toilet until the light looks away from you, and then proceed left.

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This Article was written by: Rahul Shirke

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