Somerville Walkthrough – Part 5

Stuck in Somerville? This guide covers Chapter 4 from the beginning up to getting past the crashed fighter jet.

Somerville Walkthrough Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games guide to Somerville! This guide was created with the PC version, but uses universally-recognizable controls, so you can follow it regardless of which platform you’re playing on!

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Part 5

Chapter 4

Go left, into the pond, under the tree, out of the pond, and then interact with the log while moving to get over it.

Proceed through the gap in the rock and then as left as you can go, then interact + Left when you reach the rocky ledge. Climb on up. Head through the path and onto the next screen.

Here you’re going to have to run fast, so make sure you’re ready for that before dropping down the ledge.

Once you drop down the ledge, move left and go as fast and straight as you can while avoiding obstacles. When you reach the fence gate, do not go towards it, but instead, go into the little tent that your dog has entered. Wait inside the tent.

Somerville screenshot

Get out only after the purple light is completely gone. Mantle over the fence and proceed down the path.

Here you’ll find a crashed fighter jet, illuminated by the light on a landing gear that’s broken off. Approach the landing gear (it has a yellow mark) and use Interact + Left to position it properly. Use your power ability to melt the pillar above you.

If you don’t position the landing gear properly, the pillar above you will fall on you and kill you, so maybe avoid that.

Once the part above you is cleared up, reposition the landing gear with Interact + Right and use the power ability to melt the pillar blocking your way.

After it’s all turned into cubic goo, head on through the red-lit passage.

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