Röki Walkthrough – Chapter 2 (Part 12 – Stag Guardian Vision)

Stuck in Röki? This walkthrough will guide you through growing saplings, opening the blue door, and finding the hoops for little Tove’s toy.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Röki. As Röki is mostly an open-ended puzzle adventure game, this guide is written in a question-and-answer format, so that you can focus on each problem individually.

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Chapter 2 (Contd.)

How do I escape the Stag Guardian Vision?

First, pick up the doormat lying on the floor to the left of Tove. This reveals a sapling, and out first mission is to have it grow.

Röki screenshot

Head to the refrigerator and open it, then pick up the bag inside it. Use the fertiliser on the sapling.

Next, head outdoors from the front door and pick up the watering can to the far left of the outdoor area. You’ll find it to the left of the parked car in the garage.

Head to the well (directly in front of the front door) and use your watering can on it. Head back indoors and use the watering can on the sapling.

Climb up the tree that gets created.

In this area, first pick up the drawer handle from the dresser to the left of the door. Then, go further left and you’ll find a locked diary. Inspect it twice to get the padlock from it.

Then, return to the door and use your doormat on the chalk rectangle where the doormat should be. Use the doormat again to reveal a key.

Use your drawer handle and padlock on the door outline to make the door materialise. Finally, use your key to open the door, and then head through the white beyond.

In the next scene, investigate little Tove’s toy, and you’ll find that you need to retrieve the hoops for it before she can be happy. But first, use your watering can on the bowl of water near the door, so as to fill the watering can.

Exit the room and return to the outside. Here, you’ll find a sapling to the far right of the ledge. Use your watering can on the sapling to have it grow.

In this section, you need to give your family members their appropriate objects and then retrieve the hoops for little Tove.

Start by climbing the rocky supports to the right, and take them all the way up to the cupboard. Interact with the cupboard, and then pick up the cupboard door.

Climb all the way down and then climb the rocky support to the left. At the top, step on the fungus to the left and go on until you reach a gap. Here, use the cupboard door to bridge the gap.

When you reach the scene of Papa trying to fix the car, pick up the paintbrush from his tools.

Next, descend the rocky supports near this scene, and go to the right to find a screwdriver. Pick it up, which will net you both a screwdriver and the ability to go down to the lower floor.

Use the knitted scarf to go down. Now head right, over to the scene of Papa painting the baby’s crib, which is located between the two rocky support walls.

Here, use the paintbrush on Papa. Pick up the crayons that are left on the floor.

Go to the right and climb up the rocky supports once, and then go right to find a scene of little Tove colouring the table. To fix this scene, give her the crayons and you’ll be able to pick up both the hoop and the knitting needles.

Röki screenshot

Go back to the scarf and climb it up. Head to Mamma and give her the knitting needles. After the cutscene, pick up the blue hoop and the spanner.

Now climb up the rocky supports, up to the scene of Papa fixing the car. Put the screwdriver in the toolkit to reduce some of the corruption, and then give Papa your spanner to eliminate it entirely. Pick up the white paint tin and the yellow hoop.

Go all the way down, back to the scene of Papa painting the crib. Put the paint tin on the old newspapers next to Papa. After the scene is fixed, pick up the green hoop from above the crib (you may have to examine the crib first).

Return through the door to the scene of little Tove playing with the hoop tower toy. Put the hoops onto the toy in the order of largest to smallest. This means the correct order is: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red.

This ends the Stag Guardian Vision.

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