Stela Walkthrough – Part 3 (Depths, Snowfield)

Stuck in Stela? Check out our Stela walkthrough to find out how to get past the depths and snowfield sections of the game.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Stela!

For more information on Stela, check out the game’s official website here. Also check out our review of the game here.

The Depths

You’re still underground, but things are tinged yellow-orange now.

After you land, head right towards the burning flame. To the left of the flame, you’ll find a torch. Grab it and light the torch with the flame.

Go to the right, to the roofed structure (we’ll call it a fire shrine), and toss the torch into the place. This will raise your platform a bit. Use the shining levers to the far left and the mid-left to rotate the weird stone sculpture in the room. Keep rotating the thing until you form a design that looks like an ‘8’ with a bunch of tentacles sticking out of it.

This opens up a cavern for you. Head onto the raised platform on the floor to get a ride into the cavern.

Stela walkthrough

Once you land, grab the shining block of stone and drag it to the far right. Climb onto it, and then onto the higher stone slab. For the next jump, you need to be jumping slightly to the left to grab a hold of the slab. Climb all the way up and then jump onto the lower slab on the right side of the structure, and then finally onto the floor.

From here, start running right and don’t pause.

You’ll come across another stone structure, but the danger pursuing you hasn’t let up yet. Climb onto the stone platform, wait for the stone beam to fall, creating a slanting pathway up. Jump onto the beam that’s sticking out, then up the slanting beam. Climb onto the fallen stone slab there, and jump past the three beams sticking out to get to the next platform.

From this platform, keep running right without pause, onto the next platform, and clear the obstacles as you go. You’ll have to pause just before the cracked pillar, or you risk having the pillar fall on your skull. Once the pillar is on the floor, climb over it and proceed right.

After a few more obstacles in your course, you’ll find the floor being raised into the air by the tentacle monster. Don’t jump off of it. Allow yourself to slide to the far left, and then slide again when the floor leans downwards. The second time the floor leans upwards, you’ll be able to jump off of it and onto the stone ledge. Keep running right, avoiding the tentacle one last time.

The Snowfield

Stela walkthrough

Start this level by moving right, climbing obstacles as you go. You’re safe for a good while… until you reach the edge of a rock and notice some not-very-friendly beasts in the snow.

Jump down and run right without pause. Jump onto the rock as soon as you can to avoid getting eaten by the burrowing monsters. While you’re on rocks, you’re safe from the monsters.

Head right for another dicey running sequence, and be sure to jump onto the rock before the monster gets you. Wait for the monster to go away from you, and then run for the next outcropping of rock.

Proceed right past the log and the gap, onto the higher rocks. Eventually, you’ll come across a series of high falls. Go down them, jumping across gaps as necessary. When you reach the end of the ledges, climb up onto the ledge with the round-shaped black rock sculpture. Drag the sculpture to the left to make it fall and it’ll land in a very convenient spot.

Run left now and jump onto the black rock. It’s stable enough. Jump left again, and go past the rickety wooden bridge. After the next ledge, head right, sliding down as you go, onto a log. This will take you to the end of the large outcropping of rock you were on, and back to the snowfield.

As before, run to the right without pause, climbing onto the log and waiting for the monsters to leave. Head right to the wooden structure.

Go to the far right of this outcropping of rock, and jump onto the lowermost rung of the wooden structure. Keep running up the platforms until you a gong. To the left of the gong is a striker. Drag the striker to the left and it’ll hit the gong. As you might be able to tell, the sound of the gong causes the burrowing monsters to disappear.

Stela walkthrough

You can use the lift here to get back down.

Run right now, but don’t pause. The burrowing monsters will be back soon enough.

You’ll reach another flame as you go right. Pass the flame by, go right, pass the wooden platforms and jump across the little patch of snow. You’ll find a torch on a little outcropping of rock. Grab it and bring it back to the flame. Light the torch and go up the wooden platforms we passed by twice. Go right next to the gong and set the red rope alight.

Stela walkthrough

This will sound the gong, letting you run right one more. As before, don’t stop running, because even though the burrowing monsters are gone, they’ll return for you. Once you jump off the snowy ledge to avoid the burrowing monster, you’ll be on a series of rocks.

Proceed right from here, jumping and climbing as you go. Be mindful of the fallen log on the way – keep running right once you land on it, and jump off of it as soon as you can. Otherwise, you risk going down with it.

Next, we have more burrowing monsters, and another wooden structure. This time, there’s a gong fallen down, and a striker right next to it. You can’t use the striker as it is, so drag it to the left, onto the wooden lift.

Go to the right and climb up the ladder to the right of the gong. Head left, then climb up onto the higher platform, and keep going upwards until you reach the lever above. Use the lever to bring the lift up.

Once the lift is up, drag the striker off the lift and keep dragging it to the right so that it falls down onto the gong, causing the gong to sound.

Make your way down from the wooden structure and run right as usual.

As you keep running right, you’ll eventually find another gang of burrowing monsters coming for you. Jump onto the wooden crate, and then the lift. Drag the crate on the lift off of the lift, which will raise the lift for you.

Go right, jump onto the next platform, and another, and you’ll finally find yourself safe from monsters of the snowfield.

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