The Flower Collectors Walkthrough – Chapters 1 & 2

Stuck in The Flower Collectors? Find out how to reminisce, pass the time, and stop the leak in our walkthrough for the first two chapters.

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Chapter 1: Observer

After Jorge wakes up, your first objective will be to open the door. The door you need to open is the brown one next to the shoe rack. Open the door and after the very brief conversation, pick up the mail and the newspaper lying at your doorstep. Next, you have to reminisce about your friend, your career, and your retirement. For your friend, examine the framed picture of the bear and the dog, to the right of the door leading to the bedroom. (The bear is Jorge, by the way). For your career, examine the framed picture of the uniformed batch that is to the left of the door leading to the bedroom. For the retirement, you need to examine the medal placed in the cupboard to the left of the white door. You’ll find it in a corner beyond the armchair and the potted plant. Next, Jorge needs to pass the time. Go to the sketchbook on the desk (the one with the phone and ashtray), and examine it. Then open the balcony door and enter the balcony. Immediately to your right, you’ll find your binoculars. Examine them to grab them. We now need to draw four scenes: friendly, private, emotional, and a scene with contrasting characters. For some of the scenes to become available, it needs to be raining. Keep examining people with your binoculars until it does start to rain. For the friendly scene, it needs to be raining. Focus on the street in front of the cabaret, which is to the left of your balcony’s entrance. Here, you will find Lola (dressed in red) talking to rabbit-headed a man in a suit. Once Jorge comments on them, you will get their drawing. For the emotional scene, it needs to be raining. Focus on the leopard-headed woman in the garden to the right of the cabaret. She will be alone and crying, which will make Jorge comment and get you an emotional drawing. For the private scene, you need to focus on Dona Anna. She is a beaked lady who lives in the top storey apartment directly to the left of the archway, which is itself directly opposite to your balcony. Once Jorge comments on Dona Anna, the drawing will be added. For the contrasting scene, it needs to be raining. Focus on the bison-headed beggar by the archway when he is talking to the Padre Eusebio. The Flower Collectors Walkthrough Once you’re done looking around, return to your apartment and approach the large map centred on Gibraltar. This is in fact a nautical chart, and it can be opened. Open it up and hover over each of the ‘slots’ to see what you need to put in them. For the private scene, put in Dona Anna. For the friendly scene, put in Lola talking to the stranger. For the emotional scene, put in Carmen crying. For the confrontational scene, put in Padre Eusebio and the beggar.

Chapter 2: Nightmare

After you gain control of Jorge, leave the bedroom and head to the balcony. Go to the left, and at the very end of the balcony, you’ll find a large enough bucket to collect the leaking water. Return to the leak… After the event that happens, grab your binoculars from your desk (where you found your sketchbook before), and then focus on the dead body in the plaza. Return to your apartment and call the emergency line (using the telephone on your desk). Talk to the policeman as you see fit. When Jorge puts his phone down, you’ll hear knocking. Go to the door and open it. After the conversation that follows, examine the girl sleeping on your sofa to observe her to end the chapter. Click here to head to the next part of our walkthrough of The Flower Collectors!

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