The Flower Collectors Walkthrough – Chapters 9 & 10

Stuck in The Flower Collectors? Find out how to acquire the final bit of evidence necessary and nail the perpetrator(s) of the murder.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of The Flower Collectors!

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Chapter 9: Clash

After you gain control of Jorge, head out to the balcony and focus on both the police officers in the plaza. Next, focus on Diego on the street between the cabaret and the repair shop.

After Jorge and Mel comment, take a picture of Haussmann as he converses with Diego.

When Jorge comments on Mel escaping to the church, wait for the police officers to look away from the repair shop, then focus on the tree right outside the repair shop and instruct Mel to hide there. This is the same tree Dona Anna hid behind, if you helped her escape.

Next, wait for the officers to be looking away from the archway, and direct Mel to the pillar of the cafe.

Once again, wait for the officers to move, and when they’re both looking away from the church, direct Mel to the wall of the cafe, which is near the cafe entrance.

For the final stretch, wait for the officers to be looking away from the church again, and direct Mel to go to the church steps. She will then proceed towards your apartment.

Wait a while, and after you hear the knock, open the door. Converse with your guest as you see fit.

After the transmitter sounds, go to your bedroom and examine the cardboard box. Return to near the desk and go through the dialogue options in any order you like.

After Mel returns, grab the gun lying in front of Diego. Make your decision here as you see fit. After the scene, head to the pinboard to tie things together one last time.

For “What sparked the events…”, use “Haussmann is running for office”, which is to the lower-left of the pinboard.

For “Why was the Mole killed?”, use “Haussmann was afraid of bad publicity”, which is to the upper-right.

For “How was the Mole killed?”, use “Haussmann sent someone else to…”, which is to the upper-left.

For “Who murdered the Mole?”, use “Diego admitted to killing the Mole”, which is to the lower-right.

Finally, use the telephone to complete the chapter.

Chapter 10: Closure

The Flower Collectors screenshot

Grab the binoculars on the desk and head out onto the balcony. Talk to Melinda.

Focus on the waiter, and then Lola when she joins him.

Focus on Eusebio at the church.

Focus on Carmen in the cabaret garden.

Focus on the mechanics outside the repair shop.

Focus on Aldo on his bench, when the police talk to him.

The Flower Collectors walkthrough screenshot

Focus on Eusebio and Aldo when they meet at the church.

Focus on Dona Anna in her apartment.

After you’ve spoken to everyone, talk to Melinda to conclude the chapter, and the game.

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