Superliminal Walkthrough – Level 7

Stuck in Superliminal? Find out how to how to think out of the box and shift your perspective even as the dreamscape starts falling apart.

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough of Superliminal! Much of the best parts of Superliminal involve figuring out a tricky puzzle by yourself, so I recommend you only consult this guide when you absolutely are stuck!

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Level 7

Once again, turn off the alarm, head off into the corridor outside.

You’ll go through a series of very similar-looking corridors, just continue walking through them until you reach a dead end, and wait for the voiceover to finish.

When you wake up again, turn off the alarm, head out into the office and… repeat the process. You’ll have to do this a couple more times or so.

In one iteration, you’ll discover that the room is oriented vertically. Turn off the alarm and ‘fall’ through the door.

Proceed through the large room and turn off the alarm.

Once again, head out of the door and you’ll find yourself stuck between two brick walls.

Go back to the room you ‘woke up’ in (if you aren’t there already), and pick up the blue painting on the wall. Make it larger enough to serve as a door and step into it.

Go through the next door and set of corridors. Things will get a little weird as you go on.

When the door falls to the floor, pick it up to reveal a doorway underneath. Proceed through the next room and the torn painting.

Go ahead to an orange room and try to align the cube on the wall, only to end up… in another room.

Superliminal screenshot

Pick up the staircase on the table and make it huge by raising it up. Have it fall to the floor, and then continue on to the next elevator.

Turn around and you’ll enter a particularly tricky puzzle.

In the West-East puzzle, you’ll find that one door is bricked up, and the other is accessible. In front of you, you’ll see a sign reading a number and a direction. There is also a green exit sign pointing to which way you really need to go. Whichever door you look at first will be bricked up.

What this means is, you need to look at the door that’s opposite of the one the sign is pointing to. If the sign points East, then look at West. This will brick up the West door and open the East door.

You need to do this five times before you can proceed. If you mess up, you’ll start over from door one.

After you’re free from this, you’ll find another swimming pool. Make the dice cube larger and jump onto the higher ‘pool’ floor.

Pick up the next dice (with the smiley sign) and make it large enough to jump onto the next floor.

Superliminal screenshot

In the next room, place the Queen chess piece where required… and then stand on the yellow button.

Pick up the Knight chess piece in the next corridor and put it on the button, so that you can proceed through the open door.

Fall through the door, pick up the dice block. Jump onto the upper floor and proceed to find another block. Pick it up and place it… Continue on through a series of sequences.

In the elevator maze, follow the directions on the floor when they appear. When you exit the maze, you’ll find a room with an alarm clock. Turn off the alarm and proceed onwards.

In the outdoor section, walk in any one direction, until the scenery ‘freezes’ into a wall. Do this for all four directions, so that you are boxed into a room.

Then turn to the centre of the room and you’ll find a familiar room.

Turn off the alarm to head to the next level.

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