Genesis Noir Walkthrough – Hunt

Stuck in Genesis Noir? This walkthrough will guide you through the Hunt level, including following the hunter and getting the antler.

Genesis Noir Walkthrough – Table of Contents

Welcome to the Into Indie Games walkthrough for Genesis Noir! Use this walkthrough to solve the game’s many tactile puzzles and save Miss Mass by halting the expansion of the universe.

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The Apartment

After returning to the apartment, you’ll have a saxophone and a new spiral. You’ll also find that the bullet trail has been further revealed, so you can go to more levels now.

As usual, we’ll be going from the rightmost level to the leftmost one, so the next level is Hunt.


We begin with a spiral galaxy. Drag the galaxy and spin it in circles like you did in a previous level, until the cutscene plays.

Now follow the footsteps to the right, until after the title of the level is shown.

Hover over the big lighter-coloured leaf in the centre of the screen to reveal some more footsteps. Tap on these to proceed.

Genesis Noir screenshot

On the next screen, move the leaves to the upper-left to find the next set of footsteps.

On the screen after that, tap on the big dark leaf to the right of the dung balls, to reveal another pair of footsteps.

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After No Man enters the forest, go past the river. When the camera becomes top-down, go north and then west to find a cave opening. If you can’t find it, hug the western wall as you go.

Enter the cave and go straight inwards. At the end of the cave, you’ll find yourself in a cavern. Look at the person sitting on the rock near the centre of the screen. Keep tapping on them to watch them draw.

Now run all the way out of the cave again. Outside the cave, follow the trail of footsteps going east, and then south past the hunters. Eventually the trail winds east again, and you’ll find the Hunter you met before.

Interact with the Hunter and then follow her into the dark wood.

In the next scene, move the leaves away to start the next cutscene.

Genesis Noir screenshot

After the cutscene, as No Man is kneeling, click on the moon above and drag in circles to have time proceed, until you can’t drag any more.

Examine the antlers of the carcass. Tap on the spiral on No Man’s hand to return to the Apartment.

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